We talked to Etherwood, one of the most anticipated acts at Bass Week 2015

DJ Mag Canada Staff March 23, 2015 Features

This past weekend kicked-off Toronto’s fifth annual Bass Week music festival, complete with a line-up leaning heavily towards a number of…

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Montreal DJs spin by land, sea, and air with the ScratchMobile

DJ Mag Canada Staff Scratch Candy: March 2015 – Studio Scratches March 12, 2015 Features

What do you get when you put together a car battery, some DJ equipment, a dolly cart, and a few…

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Luck of the Irish — our exclusive with Dublin techno artist Matador

Gigen Mammoser eat slsep bass repeat March 11, 2015 Features

  Lets dig into the dark and dirty Irish underground and bring up Gavin Lynch, better known around the world…

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Exclusive interview: Sydney Blu will be rocking WMC this year like never before

Gigen Mammoser March 10, 2015 Features

  Sydney Blu is pleased to return to MMW (Miami Music Week) to host the 6th annual Blu Party on…

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DJ Mag Insider: Who is the most legendary DJ in the world?

Gigen Mammoser March 9, 2015 Features

In the most recent segment of DJ Mag Insider, our affiliates in the UK asked some high-profile DJs one of…

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The Polish prodigy: our exclusive with Pham

Gigen Mammoser March 9, 2015 Features

One afternoon, while allowing my SoundCloud stream to reign free over my headphones, I came across a new track which…

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‘The best DJ in the world': Ookay breaking out

Gigen Mammoser February 25, 2015 Features

It’s after 3AM and we’re backstage at the Buygore show in Toronto. The tour is bringing out the best that the…

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Portugal’s Nuno Lisboa discusses his exciting new Cryptic EP

Gigen Mammoser February 23, 2015 Features

Portugal has been putting itself on the map and bringing the noise as of late. Introducing Nuno Lisboa, a young…

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