Melysa Williams 2 years ago

marcus haney

It’s hard to imagine that anybody could successfully sneak into 50 music festivals worldwide without getting caught, but over the course of four years, Marcus Haney managed to do it. But he didn’t stop there; he made a movie about it.

Attending over 50 music festivals within four years alone is incredible, but to attend for free, create a documentary, and get interviewed for it is another thing altogether. But Haney does shoot for TV stations and make music videos for a living, so creating a documentary probably wasn’t too hard for him to do, all things considered.

The documentary titled No Cameras Allowed that he created displays his four-year adventure, which shows every step of Haney’s crazy adventure. The trailer for the movie shows Haney and his friends printing off fake passes and making wristbands to get into the festivals. In an interview with Vice, Haney explained that they did “everything from jumping fences, to fake wristbands, to posing as security, to posing as artists, to posing as press, to running through truck entrances, to going underneath fences.”

Haney also mentioned that there were multiple occasions where they got kicked out and then snuck right back in. “As long as you flip your shirt inside out and take a different approach, you’ll be fine,” Haney told Vice.

Haney’s adventure all started at Coachella in 2010, and from then on went to Ultra, Bonnaroo, and even the Grammys, but he never once had to pay for a ticket.

See the trailer for Haney’s movie below:




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