Amanda Murphy 2 years ago

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Prior to his set at the Tomorrowland festival on July 18, “Yee” sensation Deorro took his frustrations with Tomorrowland’s hospitality services to Twitter. He complained about other artists being given nine food tokens while the Belgian festival refused to give any to his manager. Here’s what went down:

Deorro even went so far as to turn his token trouble into an ethical dispute concerning Tomorrowland’s lack of humanity.

In keeping up with his human rights activism slant, Deorro threatened to hold out on his Tomorrowland set because he “care(s) about people.”

His Twitter account continued buzzing with irate tweets. However, Deorro faced a backlash when one of his tweets contained a homophobic slur (a tweet he later deleted) that easily led to a Twitter blowup.

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Cue in the beast of all trolls who’s notorious for leaking onto Twitter what everyone else is thinking:


Deorro eventually apologized to his fans, explaining that his Twitter rage was a result of a combination of heat and alcohol. Once he finally came to his senses, he announced that he would still carry on with his Tomorrowland set. He also added this:

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