K. Lea 3 years ago

June 15th, 2013


As if festival season wasn’t exciting enough, almost every festival has some sort of pre-party to preview what’s to come. In terms of pre-parties, the folks at Motion Notion have outdone themselves. Returning to Calgary for the Motion Notion pre-party will be none other than Andy C. This is a huge booking in itself, but to add to the madness on June 30th, Motion Notion 2012 headliner VibeSquaD will also be in attendance. This show is going to be absolutely crazy!

For those not in the know, VibeSquaD is one hell of a performer. He gets so into his music and is famous for the hilarious faces he makes during his sets. “VibeSquaD has been a festival favorite for us for years,” said Event Director Kevin Harper. “We’re very proud to bring him back to play for this show. He will be an amazing opener for Andy, and will light the whole dancefloor up with energy, as he always does.” This is a fact. VibeSquaD has a rich history as a musician, and moves the floor with charisma every single show.


VibeSquaD Making one of his Famous Faces – Photo by K. Lea/Kreate Love

On top of VibeSquaD being a huge draw for this pre-festival blowout, Andy C is an even bigger name. He is one of the most beloved drum and bass artists in the game and has been at the top of the genre for years. At this show, he will be using four decks which is going to be madness. “I wanted to have Andy C play at this year’s Motion Notion,” said Kevin. “He is one of my all time favourite DJs, but the routing just wasn’t going to work. Of course we jumped at the chance to have him for our pre-party.” Andy C has been one of the only drum and bass artists to make the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, truly a feat amongst the trance and house superstars.


Some festival attendees may have noticed the absence of psy-trance, which is the most beloved thing about Motion Notion to many attendees. Event Director Kevin Harper commented, “We chose not to have psy at this show just due to keeping it sort of the same theme of music for the night. I did look at a psy option at the start, but just couldn’t make it work with the 5 hours we are limited to on a club show. That’s a definite bonus of Motion Notion…we can have a ton of variation over many hours and stages. Arranging the schedule was almost like building a big set list, except with artists instead of tracks.”


Last Year’s Slack Line fun at Motion Notion

Despite the lack of psy at this event, the festival organizers have done everything possible to bring a little bit of Motion Notion into the club. Motion Notion is known for its psychedelic art, and it just wouldn’t do to have a Motion Notion style party in a stale club atmosphere. As a result, Kevin has brought Space Invaderz into the mix to liven up the atmosphere. “We have Space Invaderz coming in to build a Motion Notion themed stage,” said Kevin. “We wanted to make it sort of an indoor-festival experience. It’s going to look amazing!”


Space Invaderz Cabana, Motion Notion 2012 – Photo by K. Lea/Kreate Love

This lead up party is going to be one for the books! Canada Day long weekend, Flames Central, VibeSquaD, Andy C, and Space Invaderz! It couldn’t be more rowdy. Local support for this one includes Spiral Architects and Fat Pat, so the music is sure to be amazing all night long! Grab tickets here and grab tickets for Motion Notion here.

Words by K. Lea




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