AaronBerecz 3 years ago

March 5, 2013


On a cold and crisp Thursday evening, Torontonians joined Major Lazer at Sound Academy to embark on an epic journey to Free The Universe. Thursday marked their return to Toronto after they provided one of the best sets of Digital Dreams’ inaugural year last summer. It was filled with massive amounts of energy, an extremely unique variety of music, and of course a level of craziness that only Major Lazer can bring much like this time around.

Before Major Lazer took control of the decks, a massive white cloth covered the stage which added a sense of mystery to what the crowd was in for. After the dramatic intermission between acts, Major Lazer’s logo projected on the cloth while a mysterious voice started a count down. When the cloth dropped from the ceiling, strobe lights blinded the crowd before confetti launched into the air as the lazer squad appeared on stage. They started the night off with Congorock’s Babylon as Walshy Fire sported a “Keep Calm and Never Give Into Babylon” shirt. Along with the very energetic opening from the trio, Diplo kept throwing vuvuzelas into the crowd while Walshy Fire came on the microphone and demanded the light technician to turn off all the lights. As the bass dropped to Tujamo & Plastik Funk’s Who, an explosion of colorful lasers appeared and not a single person was standing still.


Between all the sweat from the crowd and the champagne Diplo kept drenching partiers in, there wasn’t one dry person in the massive venue. Although it was packed like sardines in a can, the energy was high, the lights were mesmerizing, and the constant crowd interaction was unlike anything else. At one point a guy was dragged on stage, had his shirt and pants ripped off,  and was then soaked with water before getting thrown to the ground. Two very scandalous dancers then began to dance all over him and he was definitely the most envied person of the entire night.

In addition to supporting artists like Deniz Koyu and Dismantle, they also played a lot of “bloodclot songs for Toronto” which certainly helped set the tone of the show. As Walshy Fire shouted “I want everyone to take something off and whip it around in the air” into the microphone; bandanas, shirts, and even bras were whipped around making the dance floor look like a field full of wind turbines. As soon as the melody for Jah No Partial started chiming in, many let go of their garments to show their excitement and the crowd harmoniously started singing along.


Soon after, bodies began hovering over the crowd as a swarm of female crowd surfers made their way to the front of the stage to secure a spot for them to express themselves. When the most anticipated song of the evening came on, every woman in sight looked for an opportunity to do the famous dance move and shake what their momma gave them.


Major Lazer kept blowing the crowd’s mind and to close their set they played Andy C’s remix of Get Free which provided the cherry on top to a perfect night. After the music started to fade, the crowd kept chanting for them to play an encore and they certainly delivered. While chugging a 720mL bottle of Malibu, the lazer squad played five more tracks before finally ending the night with their track Keep It Goin’ Louder.


Overall, the Major Lazer show was one of the best to ever hit Toronto. There was so much energy, the lights were visually appealing, and the lazer squad’s interaction with the crowd made the show uniquely fun and entertaining. Embrace definitely knows how to throw a party and if you were’t there, I feel extremely sorry for your loss. Embrace has Zedd and Koan Sound, High Contrast, Camo & Krooked, Fred V & Graffix, and Art Department among many other shows coming up and make sure you keep up with them here.

Words By: Michelle Rodriguez

Photos By: Thesupermaniak




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