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February 21, 2012

Welcome back ya’ll, to another edition of The Breakdown.

Even though we’re into Reading week, I have a bunch of things on my plate right now which means the commentary is going to be kept to a minimum today.

Don’t fret.

These productions speak for themselves.

Today’s content comes from: Kai Wachi, Eekkoo and OVERWERK.


Brain Splat - Kai Wachi

Getting things started off right, we’ve got a trap heater from Kai Wachi and Squnto.

Originally released as a RUN THE TRAP premiere, today it’s finally here in all its glory for you good people.

Opening with a mind-rattling tribal feel, it isn’t long before we’re faced with the first break leading us to the drop. Following an amped-up vocal sample, your rib cage is slammed with fat bass, heavy synths and a rolling, bouncy top line. Put simply, this is one of the best productions I’ve heard in a while.

Have a listen below and head over to Kai Wachi’s Facebook page for the free download!

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Channel 42 (Eekkoo Remix)

Tucked neatly in the middle of today’s edition, we’ve got a relatively unknown producer to check out…Eekkoo.

Referred to as deadmau5’s protégé, there is little to be said about Eekkoo at the present moment except that “they’re” trying to maintain a little mystery surrounding the producer until his EP comes out sometime around April.

Following Pete Tong’s introductory speech, we get our first clear taste of this remix. A funky-as-fuck top line works perfectly with the familiar sounds of Wolfgang Gartner and deadmau5 leading us to the break. Much of the original is kept intact, with the exception of a captivating groove that has been injected. I’m unsure of how else to put it. This track is groovy and I love it!

Have a listen below and head over to iTunes to pick up your copy NOW!

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After Hours - OVERWERK

Wrapping up for today, we’ve got the second EP from OVERWERKWhile this EP has been out for a couple months, it’s just been sent to me now and I’m left wondering…”WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS EARLIER?!

After Hours is full of grinding, gritty bass lines, bright electro synth lines and clearly evident acid house influences. Are you a fan of lasers and synth bubbling? OVERWERK has you covered.

Did I mention this EP is a free download?

Signal and Last Call are the two productions that stand out most for me, but you’ll have to listen and form your opinion for yourself! Don’t skip anything. Even the outro track will have you in a daze.

Have a listen below and head over to OVERWERK’s Facebook page for the free download!

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