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DJ Mag is Canada’s first and only national media outlet focused exclusively on dance music culture. We publish content and engage readers through our magazine, our website, and our social platforms. 

DJ-MAG-WATERMARK-LOGOOur Website – is broken down into music, news and blogs, photos, interviews and the infamous Top 100 poll.

Music:  New music from Canada and abroad, reviews of tracks, albums and mixes, and the official DJ Mag Canada podcast are found in our music section, the primary source for hot new sounds from the best of house, trance, techno, dubstep, electro, drum & bass, trap, breaks, progressive, and everything in between!

News and Blogs:  DJ Mag correspondents contribute to a variety of columns and news stories that cover every aspect of the scene.  From local talent and underground events, to leading EDM superstars and mega festivals, there is something for everyone in DJ Mag’s daily blogs and news stories.  In addition to the recurring blogs and on-demand news stories published through our news section, we also announce all of our exciting giveaway contests here as well!

Photos:  Our pro photo teams across Canada know how to snap partiers in their element.  The vibe of the event is always captured by our dedicated crew, allowing our readers to relive their EDM experiences through our extensive photo sharing platform, memory videos and review pieces.

Interviews:  This section of allows our readers to get inside the minds of the characters that make up the global dance music circuit.  Our interview subjects range from established artists at the top of their craft, to local underground talents on the rise, to leading contributors within the dance music community.


Our magazine – DJ Magazine Canada focuses on the most influential and forward thinking artists of our time.

DJ Magazine Canada is published monthly, released in digital format to our subscription base via e-mail, as well as listed for free download within the DJ Mag app, which itself is a free download in the app store on iOS, and the play store on android, making the magazine accessible to roughly 70% of the global smart phone user base.

The features in DJ Magazine Canada focus on the most influential and forward thinking artists of our time, examining the biggest stories in dance music and hearing insights from the people at the forefront of our developing scene.

Comin’ Up:  The COMIN’ UP section of DJ Magazine Canada previews the biggest club nights and festivals to come through our country.  With a finger on the pulse of the Canadian scene, our comin’ up section is required reading for those who need to be the first to know.  Our recurring High Five party picks and our Festival Fever column are also included in this section.

Music:  DJ Mag’s MUSIC section is what makes us famous, including dedicated sections where we review singles, albums, and compilations such as mixed CDs.  With 12 dedicated pages each focusing on the month’s releases from a broad musical genre (house, disco, techno, trance, dubstep, electro, bass, drum n bass, hard dance, funky/garage, hip-hop, and leftfield) in addition to extensive sections dedicated to reviewing both full length albums and mixed compilations, our music section is essential material for DJs and music fans alike.

On the Floor:  Our ON THE FLOOR section brings readers onto the middle of the dance floor during prime time, where we share our memories from the month’s biggest parties, review clubs, and meet the people working behind the scenes in support of Canadian and worldwide dance music.

Tech:  The final chapter of DJ Magazine Canada is our TECH section, where we get our hands dirty and jump into the technical aspects of making and playing dance music.  From finding your starting sound in the studio to playing out your tracks on the dance floor, each piece of equipment is reviewed and each master technique is revealed by industry professionals.


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