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February 7, 2013

Welcome back, good people, to another edition of The Breakdown.

I hate to do this to you guys, but today’s edition of going to be mega-short on words. What this edition lacks in commentary, is made up for with high-quality, thumping tunes for ya’ll. Releases, previews, free downloads and even a quick video.

Today’s content comes from: Torro Torro, SNAILS, Moiez, Dzeko & Torres  and a quick video from Kannibalen Records.


Clarity Remixes - Zedd

Kicking things off in a big way, we’ve got a new electro gem from Torro Torro.

With numerous Clarity remixes (check out Tiesto‘s here) circling the web lately, this one is quite close to being my favorite. These guys might be my favorite duo in the industry right now and I definitely haven’t been posting their work as often as I should be. If you’ve seen Zedd live recently, you may have heard this remix. He’s been heavily supporting it – playing it out in nearly every set.

With the chaotic synth lines and a steady kick working perfectly with those ever-familiar vocals, we’re lead to a bouncy-as-fuck drop full of lasers and dripping with signature Torro Torro flair.

Have a listen below. Set to release on February 12th.

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Shawty - SNAILS

Up next, we’ve got SNAILS with a RUN THE TRAP premiere free download.

SNAILS gets emotional, deep and a bunch of strange on this one and I think their artwork keeps getting sicker and sicker.

Shawty is packed with bubbles, warped vocals and a ton of atmospheric feel. The drop is other-worldly to say the least. Sit back, relax and let these sounds rattle through your brain.

Have a listen below and head over to SNAILS’ Facebook page for the free download!

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Three Million (Moiez Remix)

Next up, we’ve got a free download from Moiez.

Having recently just reached a milestone of 10, 000+ Facebook fans, Moiez is poised to keep climbing.

Taking on Avicii‘s newest single, Three Million; Moiez opens with a long synth lead and steady drum work. The break is characterized with that same leading synth and wonderful vocal and after a chirpy build, we’re faced with a fat electro drop with big-room appeal and some acid house influences.

Have a listen below and head over to Moiez’s Facebook page for the free download!

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Damaged (Dzeko & Torres Remix)

Following the trend of free downloads, we’ve got Dzeko & Torres.

Taking on Kryder‘s, Damaged, the duo have churned out an emotional and extremely powerful club thumper. A fat, grinding synth makes up the drop and the break is quite possibly one of the best that I’ve heard in a while. It’s so emotional with simply perfect vocal work.

Have a listen below and head over to Dzeko & Torres’ Facebook page for the free download!

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To wrap up today’s edition of The Breakdown… let’s see what happens when Kannibalen Records are given their own showcase at Igloofest

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