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January 24, 2013

Welcome back to The Breakdown, guys and gals!

I hope ya’ll are feeling better than I am right now. I’ve been suffering from a nasty flu for the past 5 or 6 days and I’ve just about had enough. It’s about time to get to the Dr. for some medicine. For now, music can take my mind off of it. With that being said, I apologize if this edition of The Breakdown seems smaller than usual. I’ve been spending a lot of time sleeping and nursing a cough, sore throat and headache.

Today’s content comes to us from; Markus Cole, Kai Wachi and Moiez


Editor’s note – I had to throw in this bouncy, hard-hitting, obscene track by our boys Zeds Dead. They’ve been dropping Ratchet Pussy in their sets recently, but I’m unable to find a legit version anywhere… Enjoy this video of the boys dropping Ratchet Pussy at Lights All Night in Dallas.


I Could Be The One (Markus Cole Remix) - Nicky Romero & Avicii

It’s been a while since we’ve featured Markus Cole on The Breakdown and today we’ve got his newest offering, I Could Be The One (Markus Cole Remix). There have been a number of remixes floating around the web for Nicky Romero and Avicii‘s collaboration, but Markus Cole‘s take is one of the stand-outs.

Following a simplistic intro comprised of echoing synth leads, light drum arrangement, playful vocal work and that familiar, genius melody crafted by Nicky Romero and Avicii. I’m a huge fan of the vocals in this production, which really come to shine in the break, along with clever effect work and intermittent laser teases. Markus Cole trades in the melodic drop of the original for a high-energy electro surge full of pitched synths, wobbles and lasers, slightly resembling Sander van Doorn‘s, Kangaroo.

Have a listen below and head over to the Markus Cole’s Facebook page for the free download!

Head over to the Markus Cole’s Facebook page for the free download!

Follow Markus Cole on FacebookTwitter and SoundCloud!


The Feast - Kai Wachi

Up next… feast on Kai Wachi‘s newest EP to Kannibalen RecordsThe Feast. The only way I’ll break my ‘only-Canadian-producers’ rule is for Canadian labels, and that’s the situation we’ve got going on right now. Idaho meets Montreal in the battle of the basses.

The Feast is a 6-track EP; comprised of 4 originals (including a collabo with Karluv Klub) and 2 remixes, provided by SNAILS and R.O., and touches on a multitude of genres, such as; dubstep, trap, glitch-hop, moombahton and electro house.

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of NOW!

The title track, The Feast, is a prime example of Kai Wachi‘s ability to construct haunting and gruesome pieces of work. Opening to ominous, sweeping white-noise, eerie synth play and a light drum pattern leading us to the break where wind-chimes and howling coyotes work with gnarly bass teases to prime us for the drop. The drop can be described simply in 2 words. Growling. Madness. His sound construction is ridiculously filthy and makes me want to seriously rage.

Downis a healthy marriage of dubstep and trap elements. Comprised of playful synths, buzzing bass and powerful drums… it isn’t long before you’re met with a flurry of lasers and hyped vocal samples. This will definitely get some playing-out from myself.

Zeh Clubis a venture into the realm of moombah. Following an intro of playful vocal work, pitched bubbles and an inviting synth lead… the break is one massive build taking us to the drop. Crunchy bass and booty-shaking beats are soon joined by playful vocal samples, Kai Wachi‘s signature growls and electro-esque synth work. This will definitely see it’s way into my sets.

The Haremis the only collaboration of the EP and wraps up the originals. Kai Wachi pairs up with Karluv Klub to produce a sexual slice of electro thrash. Opening to a steady 4×4 beat paired with a rising synth and sexy samples, soon to be joined by a number of leads, before those sexy samples take over the break. This drop is exactly what I’d expect from this pairing… heavy, filthy and trashy with a touch of lasers.

I was incredibly thrilled when I saw that SNAILS was on remix duty for this EP with, Zeh Club (SNAILS Remix). I’m always anxious to hear new productions from him. Taking on the moombah heater, Zeh Club, and transforming it into a tasty concoction of trap elements and dubstep; complete with full laser onslaught, tasty Kai Wachi bass and hyped vocal samples. This is one of the heavier productions we’ve seen from SNAILS and it leaves me thinking, ‘Will this guy ever produce something I don’t like?’

R.O. gives us his take on Zeh Club, keeping it in the realm of 110bpm, but injecting a healthy dose of high-pitched, heavy synths, growls and wobbles.

Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of NOW!

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The Vision - Moiez

Switching gears here just before The Breakdown wraps up… we’ve got a progressive house gem from Moiez, featuring the vocal styling of Brenton Mattheus.

The Vision, is an emotional, stadium-worthy progressive gem comprised of bright, big-room synths, strong claps, well-timed stops and rolling percussion. Brenton Mattheus has a really enjoyable voice. The cherry on top?! You guessed it… free download!

Have a listen below and head over to the Moiez’s Facebook page for the free download!

Head over to the Moiez’s Facebook page for the free download!

Follow Moiez on FacebookTwitter and SoundCloud!



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