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January 17, 2013

Hurro everybody! I trust that school and/or work is back in full force now for most of you. It’s always so sad when the holidays end, but whatever – back on the grind!

It’s always tough for me to time manage, but I’ve done decently well thus far, so there is no room for excuses. However, as I’m sure you all remember, The Breakdown may be a bit smaller from time to time… school, blogging, writing, working, gigging, mixing – it never ends! Although, you never remember the nights you got enough sleep… I’ve always liked that quote.

Trap music is everywhere. That’s a fact. Quite frankly, the music industry is being flooded with it. The sad truth is that well over half of these productions are garbage. However, Canada seems to be on their shit because we’ve got some unique and creative trap productions for you today. Like the trap I’ve previously posted, these productions are pushing the envelope and desperately trying to keep the genre as diverse as possible.

Today’s content comes to us from; Imanos & Faustix, SNAILSThe SoniXx and Zeds Dead.


Check It Auut - Imanos & Faustix

Up first, someone who’s no stranger to The Breakdown… Imanos. Pairing up with his frequent collaboration partner, Faustix, the two have constructed quite the captivating trap heater.

Check It Auutis the debut trap single from the pair; opening to a very progressive house sounding synth line, we’re soon caught in a build of leading pitched horns and rumbling vocal samples just before the drop hits you in the face. The drop is comprised of fat bass, obviously, strong claps, crisp drums and those fierce horns and rumbling vocals that lead us here in the first place.

Check It Auut was released on January 15th to Strapped Records.

Have a listen to the preview below and head over to Beatport to pick up your copy NOW!

Love Trap Vol. 1 - Imanos

Also from Imanos, we’ve got his Love Trap Vol. 1 mixtape. First premiered by Mad Decent, this hour long mix is stuffed full of prime baby-making tunes and has received lots of love, being heard nearly 10, 000 times in just under a month. The tracklist is available for you on SoundCloud here

Have a listen below and head over to Imanos’ Facebook page for the free download!

In related mixtape news, our boy Imanos has just informed me that he’ll be doing an exclusive trap mix for Jay-Z‘s Life + Times. TRAPPED IN BROOKLYN COMING SOON!
Head over to Imanos’ Facebook page to have a look at the artwork!

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Stuntin' - SNAILS

Up next, a helluva nice dude, SNAILS. Always original and never replicated, SNAILS is producing some of my favorite music right now. He’s about as forward-thinking as they come. Unlike many of the trap producers in the game right now, he isn’t putting out one half-assed trap tune a week, he’s putting in serious work and crafting pure bassterpieces. Quality over quantity! This is a lesson nearly everyone in the trap game needs to learn.

Stuntin‘ is an eerie, thugged-out shaker comprised of strong, intoxicating bells and deep, warped vocals. I really can’t get enough of this one. The bright synth lines in the second break are a nice addition to the production.

Have a listen below and head over to SNAILS’ Facebook page for the free download

KT - Jak My (SNAILS Remix)

Also from SNAILS, we’ve got his remix to KT‘s Jak My. Opening to an interesting, echoing synth top line paired with crispy drums and some hyped vocals… this initial drop will make you completely lose it. A wild take on a talking synth, this first drop has almost got an acidy feel to it. The second drop comes complete with a rising top line and a touch of lasers and wobbles. I can’t stress how much I love SNAILS. Also, how wild is that artwork?!

Have a listen below and head over to SNAILS’ Facebook page for the free download

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I See - The SoniXx

Just before we get to the end here, we’ve got a mighty trap thumper from The SoniXx

I Seeis stuffed with electro synth lines, captivating vocal work, crisp claps and a fuck-ton of horn-laden madness. This is a seriously strong tune. The second drop gets some added oomph and is definitely gonna take you by surprise. This is some exceptional trap.

Have a listen below and head over to The SoniXx Facebook page for the free download

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Lies - Zeds Dead

Wrapping up today’s post, we’ve got a freebie from Zeds Dead; their most recent offering, their remix of Marina and The Diamonds, Lies. While this is on the dubbier side of things, it’s still full of clearly evident trap and hip-hop influences. Rattling 808’s and ominous moans lead the way to the break where the vocals truly come to shine and will have you nearly melting in your seat. Really, really beautiful work. The drop is comprised of that signature Zeds Dead growling bass accompanied by extremely bright synth lines. Masterpiece.

Have a listen below and head over to Zeds Dead’s Facebook page for the free download!

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