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January 10, 2013

Long time, no talk, FAM! Welcome back ya’ll! I hope all of your holidays went beautifully. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! How did ya’ll spend your holidays? WHAT DID YOU DO?

Holidays are over. School has begun. That means it’s time for the return of The Breakdown!
I know you all missed it like crazy… hehe.

We got through exactly 52 editions of The Breakdown last year, so LET’S GOOOO!!!

Today’s content comes to us from; The Killabits, Marc Rémillard & Zimo and Kelle & Juha.


Fever Ray - Now's The Only Time I Know (Killabits Mix)

It’s been quite some time since we’ve given some love to our Toronto bassheads, The Killabits. Today we’ve got a pair of productions from the duo that have been uploaded since the last edition of The Breakdown; one is a free download and the other is a short, but sweet preview clip of an upcoming release.

Up first, their remix of Fever Ray‘s Now’s The Only Time I Know. This is a free download you won’t be able to pass up. Constantly pushing the envelope and staying creative as fuck, The Killabits have crafted an intriguing, bass-heavy thumper that is primed to rattle your windows. Constructing a captivating soundscape right from the get-go, we’re treated to strong bells and trance-esque synth stabs leading us forward. The breathy vocals of Fever Ray enter, paired with hard-hitting drums and spacey synths just before this gem really drops. Sounding like some absolutely grungy horns, this drop is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. The synth stabs paired with the airy vocals of Fever Ray take this production to the next level, giving it that hella emotional feel. Get your bassface ready, cuz this will definitely make you freak. The cherry on top? IT’S A FREE DOWNLOAD!

Grab this free download from the player below and get your grime on!

Lastly, we’ve got a slick and quick preview clip from The Killabitsof their remix for Nobody Beats The Drum‘s Blood On My Hands.  This preview clip opens with an acidy build paired with some seriously hyped vocals leading us to the insanity that is the trunk-rattling drop courtesy of The Killabits. Hard-hitting drums and hard-hitting bass enough to have you making a mess in your pants. In true tease fashion, we get a heavy dose of acid-influenced synths for the outro. This preview definitely has me wanting more! Good job, dudes! I can’t even begin to stress how badly I want The Killabits at WEMF again this year. What’s WEMF without The Killabits?!

Have a listen below and keep your ears and eyes peeled for a release date!

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Aftermath EP

Keeping up with today’s trend of bass-heavy beats… we’ve got a new EP courtesy of Marc Rémillard and Zimo. 

The Aftermath EP was released on January 7th to Heavy Artillery Recordings and features a pair of collaborations from the Montreal bassfreaks, Marc Rémillard and Zimo.

The lead track, Zombie Cronic, opens with an echoing synth lead paired with a subtle buzzing bass line and crisp hats leading us to the break where high-pitched synth lines come to shine alongside a dubby drum arrangement. I’ll warn you now… this drop is hella filthy. Laser synths take our ears by storm, along with deep growls and intermittent wobbles. Add in some melodic synth stabs and you’ve got yourself a dubstep bassterpiece.

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of NOW!

The second track, Ninja Warrior, opens to an extremely serene and melodic synth leading the way. I’m a big, big fan of this intro. Enter in some electro synth lines and an absolutely fucking mental build and before you know it, you’re thrust into a chaotic flurry of bass. This time around, they’ve traded  in the lasers for a much deeper, grimier, filthier drop comprised of heavy growls and intense wobbles. They give us a quick taste, at the end of this preview, of the melodic, yet filthy, outro they’ve constructed. Nice work, boys!

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of NOW!

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Apashe - Ritual (K&J Mix)

Wrapping up today’s post… we’ve got a free download from Kelle & Juha courtesy of Kannibalen Records‘ Free Flesh Wednesday series.

The duo has gone and remixed Apashe‘s Ritual and turned the midtempo thumper in a full-on electro house rager.

Following a quick intro of the familiar foreign vocals from the original, we’re caught up in a chirpy build before a commanding sample tops it all off. The vocal work through the drop is guaranteed to have the people going crazy. Add in a buzzing bass line, low-end growls and a high-pitched top line and you’ve got yourself a production that is primed for the floor.

Have a listen below and head over to the Kannibalen Records page for the free download!

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