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December 20, 2012

Welcome back, fam! This is going to be my last edition of The Breakdown until we’re into 2013! The Breakdown will be on a small hiatus for the holidays as I’ll be heading out east next week to spend some time with my dad and his side of the family! I’ll also be joining some other members of the DJ Mag crew at DNA Presents Pulse 2012 with Sander van Doorn, Axwell and Deniz Koyu! Will you be there?!

With all that being said, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I wish you all the very best in the New Year and I’ll meet you all back here for the second Thursday in January! What have you guys got planned for the holidays?

That’s enough chatter from me for today; let’s get on with the muzik!

Today’s content comes to us from; Moiez, Kai WachiKelle & JuhaDzeko & Torres and Damn Kids.


Up first, a free download brought to us by 20 year-old producer, Moiez, out of Vancouver, B.C.

Moiez has taken Zedd‘s emotional progressive production, Clarity, and transformed it into a thumping electro banger that’s sure to set the floor on fire. Following a lengthy opening of simple synth work and a steady 4×4 beat, we’re faced with the captivating vocals of Foxes accompanied by subtle piano work through the first break. A grinding lead builds and brings us to the drop where we’re caught in a flurry of gritty synths backed by a clean, up-beat drum arrangement. Foxes vocals come to shine once more in the second break and then it’s back to that chaotic club-ready drop.

Grab this free download from Moiez’s Facebook page and get your rage on!


As an added bonus, we’ve also got the newest offering from Moiez; his remix of Hardwell‘s, ApolloIn a similar style to his Clarity remixMoiez opens with another simple intro leading us to the first break, where he showcases the emotional vocals of Amber Shepherd perfectly. While the structure of this track is much like his Clarity remixMoiez exchanges his wild electro drop for something a bit more on the melodic side.  This drop is comprised of bright, big-room synth lines that pack quite a forceful punch.

Grab this free download from Moiez’s Facebook page and get your happy on!

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Next up we’ve got another free download for ya’ll to enjoy. This one coming to us from Kai Wachi and the Kannibalen Records crew with their always-generous Free Flesh Wednesday series.

Kai Wachi has taken, We Are The Night; the melodic, yet oh-so powerful dubstep original from Dabinand crafted a high-energy midtempo shaker. Following an ominous opening of airy atmospherics, intriguing vocal samples and subtle synth stabs, we find ourselves faced with the first break where deep piano chords come to extend that ominous feel of the intro. A forceful, bass-filled drop is something that I’ve come to expect from Kai Wachi and that’s exactly what we get with this remix; filled with enough gruesome synths and gnarly, rising bass that you’d wish it were still Halloween.

Grab this free download from Kai Wachi’s Facebook page and get your bassface on!

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Sticking with the Kannibalen Records crew, we’ve got the newest EP from Hungarian duo, Kelle & Juha. Their Piroska EP was just recently released on none-other than Kannibalen Records and this 5-track EP has got some serious thumpers inside. Sticking to their tried-and-true genres of electro house and midtempo jams, this EP is sure to have some hands in the air and faces on the floor.

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport to pick up your copy of Piroska NOW!

The title track, Piroska, is a creative electro house tune comprised of strong buzzing bass, high-pitched synth work and unique violin-filled top lines that give this production a foreign flair. This production is a perfect way to begin an EP.

Hands Upis a midtempo, bass-filled booty shaker comprised of a gangster-ass vocal sample, low-end grungy synths and a subtle bubbling top line backed by more buzzing bass. Just before the break we see the energy pick-up with an onslaught of signature Kelle & Juha synths.

Bollywood Stuntmentopens with emotional synths paired with an acid lead that builds, along with foreign vocals, into the drop. Sticking to their buzzing sound, they’ve included some growls and wobbles for flavour. We’re treated to some big-room stabs leading us to the first break, where they come to make their presence known. The second drop sees the addition of some beautiful synth stabs that  bring back the emotional feel of the intro.

Feel So Real, has a quick intro comprised of tribal-esque drums and eerie crackling that brings about a deep soundscape. The first break is characterized by another gangster vocal sample and emotional piano chords, whichquickly shifts gear and turns into a driving build that leads us to the drop. Deep driving synths, that familiar vocal sample and interjections of a deep synth largely make up the first drop. The second drop sees the addition of some growls and modern talking to kick up the energy.

Lastly, Snake Charmerrounds out this 5-track EP comprised entirely of originals. This midtempo heater opens to a simple high-pitched laser synth paired with a subtle kick, which is quickly joined by thick bass, an up-beat drum arrangement and even more lasers! Comprised of rolling synths and forceful screaming synths, this is the Kelle & Juha sound that I’ve come to know and love!

Head over to Beatport to pick up your copy of Piroska NOW!

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Heading back into the realm of big-room productions, we’ve got the newest release from Dzeko & Torres, hailing from Toronto.

Their newest EP, HEY EP, was just released on Dim Mak Records and already it’s been receiving support from some massive industry heavyweights. Steve Aoki, Deniz Koyu, Laidback Luke and Autoerotique are just a handful of those already supporting this massive release. We’ve got some short previews for ya’ll to enjoy below. GET READY!

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport to pick up your copy of HEY EP NOW!

The title track, HEY, is comprised of emotional synth lines and a driving, rising, grinding bass line that seems to know no limits! This is a powerful big-room production, to say the least.

Buppy is another rising and grinding big-room production that’s got a lighter feel to it compared to HEY. Buppy‘s got some serious Deniz Koyu flair to it. I can see why he’s been so eager to support this monstrous EP!

Check This Out is an electro house gem that’s primed for the big-room. The drop is characterized by a distorted, wobbly synth, but the break is where this production stands out from the rest. Utilizing trance-esque synths in the break to perfectly set the stage for those ridiculously crazy synths to make their return, this preview in particular left me wanting more!

Head over to Beatport to pick up your copy of HEY EP NOW!

Look for my full artist feature on Dzeko & Torres in an upcoming edition of the printed DJ MAG Canada magazine.

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Wrapping up today’s post, we’ve got more crazy content from Damn Kids. I can’t get enough of this man. He seems to be outdoing himself with every release and at this pace he’ll be a household name in no time. Creative and unique as they come, Damn Kids has just recently released his newest EP, Kavoda, on Provoke. This 2-track EP is small, but way, way powerful.

With the waves of trap music pouring over electronic lovers everywhere, it’s refreshing to hear trap productions that don’t sound like everyone else. Damn Kids and SNAILS need to collabo together, now. I don’t think the trap community could handle that pairing.

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport to pick up your copy of Kavoda NOW!

The title track, Kavoda, opens with some synth bubbling paired with eerie bells and strong bass. Following a short break, filled with high-pitched synths and a vocal sample lead, we’re faced with the drop, where Damn Kids showcases his knack for vocal work.

Rounding out this EP, Bakba, is another prime showing of Damn Kids‘ secret obsession with hip-hop. More insane vocal work paired with distorted, gritty synths are the key ingredients for this Bakba cocktail.

Head over to Beatport to pick up your copy of Kavoda NOW!

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The Breakdown will be back on the second Thursday in January. We are on a holiday hiatus. Sorry for any sadness this has caused you so close to Christmas. I’ll be back with a bunch of lengthy pieces of writing, so be excited! Interviews, event reviews, artist and label pieces and, of course, the usual amount of bangers for The Breakdown.


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