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December 6, 2012

Hello again, guys and gals! It brings me great pleasure today to be bringing you my 50th edition of The Breakdown! We sincerely appreciate all of the support you’ve been giving to us here at DJ Mag Canada, especially with The Breakdown. We’re halfway to 100 and still going strong!

With finals right around the corner, I’ve spent probably over 60% of my time studying lately. I can’t wait for the semester to end and the partying to really take off. Study hard now and it’ll pay off later!

You should all be familiar with the artists we’re featuring today; first up we’ve got The Slag, then we’ve got M.E.L.T, from my hometown of Winnipeg, and Northend, of course from Toronto.


As I’m sure most of you remember, we featured The Slag‘s The Big Beat Manifesto earlier this year in the 30th edition. Luckily for all of you, the full release was split into two separate parts; the first of which you saw and heard in early July. Today we’ve go the EP in its entirety for you all to enjoy and is seriously hella impressive and is stocked full of bass heavy tunes that are ready to destroy the dancefloor. The Big Beat Manifesto sees The Slag collaborating with a whole slew of artists; Prototype Raptor, iNexus, Synchronice and Bluespeed & Ava Quest.
The icing on the cake? This EP is 100% free to download.

Have a listen below and head over to The Slag’s Facebook
and pick up your copy of The Big Beat Manifesto NOW

Without being too redundant, hopefully, in the previous edition with The Big Beat Manifesto, we were treated to 4 of the 8 productions; Crescendo, 90’s Kid, Meteor Shower and Diminuendo. To quickly jog your memory, I’ll give a few words on each of those 4 and then I’ll get a bit more in-depth with the other 4.

Crescendo is electro house bliss; comprised of bright synth lines, deep growls and buzzing bass.

90’s Kid is a funked-out breakbeat tune; comprised of hyped gangster vocals, subtle wobbles and driving bass.

Meteor Shower is an upbeat dnb tune; comprised of strong synths, a spacey top line and intermittent growls and bubbles.

Diminuendo is a slowed-up moombahcore-esque tune; comprised of an ominous soundscape, hard hitting drums and intrusive bass.

Okay, now we’re on to the 4 new productions that joined the The Big Beat Manifesto for it’s full release.

The Big Bang is, to put it simply, an auditory journey. This track serves well as one of the first tracks in the EP, creating a beautiful soundscape with a simple melody, paired with a long synth lead and a subtle drum arrangement. The drop is a short one; comprised of bright synths, growls and wobbles. Take a journey!

The Big Bang Pt. 2 picks up right where the first left off. Borrowing the same simple introductory melody as the first, from the beginning it’s quite obvious that this rendition is gonna take off in a big way. With a highly energetic drum arrangement and a bubbling lead taking us to the break, it’s not long before this moombah heater takes flight. This is one of my favorite tracks from the EP and will definitely be heard in my own sets! This take is full of lasers, wobbles and vocal bits to keep you jacked up. There’s an extra special treat in the second break, some wise words from a wise man. Have a listen!

DPS is a funky nu-disco styled tune that opens with a massive leading synth which is quickly joined by a steady kick. Enter in some funky bass notes, an even funkier top line, some buzzing bass and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. Get funked up.

The final addition to The Big Beat Manifesto comes in the form of beautiful and moving liquid dnb, in Bits of String. Opening to soft vocal samples, paired with a feel-good piano melody and upbeat drums; the drop maintains the emotional feel of the intro, with the addition of a buzzing and rolling bass line. The outro is composed of beautiful guitar chords and another monologue, full of profound ideals. Educate yourself!

Head over to The Slag’s Facebook and pick up your copy of The Big Beat Manifesto NOW!


We’ve got the Diminuendo music video below for you all to enjoy, which was inspired by the sheer madness and hypnotic brilliance of a classic Max Fleischer cartoon.

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M.E.L.T’s unique sound is a combination of crisp drums, melodic sparkling leads, and upfront synths that will grind, crunch, growl, and tickle the pallet of even the most refined dance music connoisseurs. This trademark sound has earned him spots on Truespin Records (Vancouver, BC), Monkey Dub Recording (Montreal, QC), and the mighty Breakz R Boss Records (Calgary, AB), who was nominated for best new label at Breakspoll 2012 and is host to some of the top broken-beat producers from around the globe.

M.E.L.T’s most recent EP, Dirty Sex, was just recently released by Breakz R Boss Records on November 26. Comprised of one original mix and 3 remixes, Dirty Sex is already receiving some massive support and is definitely making it’s mark on the Beatport Breaks Top 100 list. You may remember hearing the thumping original mix in a previous edition of The Breakdown, but today we’ve got the EP in it’s entirety for you all to enjoy.

M.E.L.T’s Dirty Sex EP is doing some serious work on the Beatport charts. The Detach remix is sitting pretty at #18 on the Beatport Breaks Top 100 list, with the original mix sitting at #56. The Critical & Beatsmith remix is also charting, currently clocking in at #82 on the Beatport Glitch Hop Top 100 list. The Critical & Beatsmith remix has also received some radio love from The Crystal Method on their weekly Sirius XM show. The Tripwave remix is the EP’s only track currently sitting outside the charts, but with your love and support, we can get him that chart spot we all know he deserves! GO SUPPORT and let’s get the entire Dirty Sex EP on those charts!

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Dirty Sex NOW!

The Dirty Sex (Original Mix) is comprised of deep, gritty bass, low-end growls, crunchy synths and playful vocal samples peppered about. Leading us to the break, we’re treated to a beautifully crafted top line that adds a new dimension to the already impressive soundscape. The break is the definition of robot-sex, in every sense of the word. Let’s keep this track climbing the charts! 

The Dirty Sex (Detach Remix) opens with a quick taste of the drum arrangement, buzzing bass and vocal stabs; that are key elements of this remix. Utilizing that beautiful top line throughout the break, we’re quickly lead to the drop where the crunchy wobbles help our feet achieve liftoff. Although very similar to the original mix, we’re treated to the addition of a couple different synths throughout this remix. Let’s keep this track climbing the charts!

The Dirty Sex (Critical & Beatsmith Remix) takes the title for my favorite track on the EP. With it’s obvious moombah flair, this is definitely a track I’d be dropping in my own sets. Through the massive flurry of sounds being thrown at you during this production, we’re treated to some slightly higher-pitched synths, wobbles and bubbles. Critical & Beatsmith give us their take on that stand-out top line we heard above; morphing it into a softer, more emotional bit. Let’s keep this track climbing the charts!

Lastly, the Dirty Sex (Tripwave Remix) is full of chopped up beats, a gritty, buzzing bass line, subtle growls and a funky synth line working carefully in behind it all. The break is comprised of a long synth lead; that gets a major glitched-out rearrangement, along with the drum pattern, just before another playful vocal sample leads us back to the bass. Big ups to Tripwave, another dude from my hometown of Winnipeg!  Let’s get this track into the charts!

Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Dirty Sex NOW!

But, wait… we’re not done with M.E.L.T just yet.

As an added bonus, we’ve got an interesting 2-track EP to share with you guys. Melted Wax, released by Truespin Records on Novmber 17, sees M.E.L.T remixing a Wax Hands production, and vice-versa. The EP did extremely well during the time of release, jumping to #4 in the Breaks Top 100 Releases and #20 in the Progressive House Top 100 Releases. You may remember hearing the M.E.L.T remix in a previous edition also, but we’ve got both tracks to the EP for you today. Red (M.E.L.T Remix) marched it’s way up to #35 on the Beatport Breaks Top 100 list and is still sitting just outside the top 50. It also became Truespin Records top selling track on Beatport. CONGRATULATIONS!

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Melted Wax NOW!

Drawing on deep emotions right away, Red (M.E.L.T Remix) is a perfect indicator at just how many different feelings M.E.L.T can pull from you. Following a high-pitched leading synth line, we’re lead to the first break which is one massive build; comprised of samples and snares topped by a playful vocal line. The drop is comprised of forceful growls and a funky bass line that soon morphs into some fat buzzing. Shake it, don’t break it.

Also painting an emotional soundscape; Without You (Wax Hands Remix), opens to a steady synth line with echoing vocals laced over top. Keeping up with the relaxed, peaceful emotions; the break is comprised of loud, echoing bells and a long anthemic synth lead paired with some tribal styled drums before the drop. With a large tech feel to the drop, this is the perfect track to throw on for that early morning after-party and sway about with your eyes closed. Let Wax Hands take you away!

Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Melted Wax NOW!

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Lastly, I’m squeezing in an upcoming release from Northend, set to drop this Monday on Provoke. This big room banger; full of bright, room-filling synths and a buzzing bass line, Day One, was too juicy to leave out until next week, so soak up the preview and make sure to stop by Beatport to snag your copy on Monday.  This single will lead to Northend‘s debut album, dropping in early 2013… We’re stoked!

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