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November 29, 2012

Ahoy-hoy, as our friend Mr. Burns would say. Welcome back to another edition of The Breakdown! Last week I had mentioned that I wanted to keep The Breakdown as full-up as possible. School is getting mega-busy now as the first semester is coming to a close and exams are right around the corner. With that being said… I’m super pressed for time, but I think I’m managing well enough, so far, so let’s stuff this edition once again!

Last week we had a multitude of 128bpm crushers for you guys to enjoy. Today, we’ve got a plethora of bass music for you guys to take in. We’ve got stuff ranging from dubstep to moombahcore – and maybe a couple of melodic electro house tunes towards the bottom, just to keep things interesting.

Today’s content comes to us from; DabinMDKMarkus Cole and Amarolas.


To kick things off right, we’ve got Dabin‘s newest EP, Awakening; which was just released Tuesday on Kannibalen Records. This five-track EP features an original, a collab with Apashe and remixes by Dead C∆T Bounce, Dead Battery and KwikFiks.

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Awakening NOW!

The title track, Awakening ft. Bijou, is an emotional, melodic dubstep original.  I get a serious Nero feel from this track; comprised of shimmery synths, forceful bass growls, and intoxicating top lines – all held together by the airy vocals of Bijou.

Secondly, we’ve got the collab track with Apashe. With an immediate gangster flair to it, Get Down, is the tasty concoction of Dabin‘s knack for melody with Apashe‘s ability for out-of-this-world bass design. The piano melodies throughout this track are superb and evoke soothed feelings to counteract the grungy synths utilized in this production. As an added bonus, just when you thought this track couldn’t get any filthier, they go and give your feet a serious boost with the second drop.

The Dead C∆T Bounce remix opens with an airy soundscape comprised of a simple piano melody and teases of Bijou‘s vocals, which is quickly joined by a subtle kick that leads us to the drop. This drop is the definition of energy; full of buzzing bass, synth bubbling and growls – punctuated by uplifting piano melodies.

The next remix, from Dead Battery, stays true to the original’s dubstep roots; adding some heavier-set sounds in the drop. Rising bass, crunchy synths and interjecting growls are key to this remix. We’re treated to a tempo switch-up in the second drop that’s got a ton of swing to it.

The final remix, from KwikFiks, draws on his future bass and UK garage influences; turning the original into a chill house track perfect for an early-morning after-party.

Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Awakening NOW!

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MDK makes his return to The Breakdown with a pair of bass-heavy free downloads.

First off, Wet Willy, is a thumping moombahton banger with a fuck-ton of swing to it. This is definitely a tune that I’ll be dropping in my own sets.

The opening is a quick one, but so intriguing; full of bass, bubbles and lasers, you can only imagine at this point the madness that is ahead. You’re quickly faced with the break, which doesn’t lose sight of the beat in any way; characterized by a funky drum pattern, rolling synths and amped vocal bits. Following a playful breakdown just before the drop, you’re slapped right in the face with those bubbles and lasers we were treated to in the intro. The second drop sees a subtle addition of growls and a definite boost in energy.

Have a listen below and grab the free download directly from the player!

Grab the free download directly from the player above!

Next from MDK is his japanese-influenced dubstep thumper, aptly titled Katana.

With an epic cinematic opening full of japenese guitar, spacey vocal bits and an upbeat drum arrangement – this production will surely appeal to bassheads of all sorts. The drop is haunting to say the least; full of glitchy growls, hard-hitting drums and eerie orchestrated parts.

Have a listen below and head over to MDK’s Facebook page and pick up your copy NOW

Head over to MDK’s Facebook page and pick up your copy NOW

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Switching things up a bit… we’ve got a free download from a regular to The BreakdownMarkus Cole.

Many of you likely remember the Dirty Tees remix of Christina Aguilera‘s Your Body, that was featured a few editions earlier. Today we’ve got Markus Cole‘s take on the popular top-40 hit. This remix heads into a much different, heavier, side of E.D.M. than the Dirty Tees remix.

Opening to a simple 4×4 drum pattern with an echoing top line; we’re teased with fierce wobbles and strong synth stabs before the first break hits. The extremely famous vocals make their first appearance in this break; along with pounding drums,  electro synth leads and a minor dubstep influence. The build is a quick one, but here we get our first taste at the crazy high-pitched synths that are about to tear your ears apart. The drop is comprised of low-end wobbles, high-pitched electro stabs and a buzzing bass line. This one is sure to have your floor jumpin’ up, so get in on it now!

Have a listen below and head over to Markus Cole’s Facebook page and pick up your copy of NOW!

Head over to Markus Cole’s Facebook page and pick up your copy of NOW!

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To wrap up this week’s edition of The Breakdown, we welcome back Amarolas, with a free download of his melodic remix of Afrojack‘s Annie’s Theme.

Opening to a simple synth melody and light drum pattern; we’re treated to a buzzing lead accompanied by a powerful kick and a bleepy top line just before the first break. This first break is characterized by a soothing piano melody and a subtle growling bass lead. Following a massive build full of synth stabs, white noise, buzz and bleeps; we’re treated to Amarolas‘ melodic take on the high-energy, highly dutch house, original. Strong big-room synths and a light growling bass line make up the better part of the drops within this production. Following a playful, and deeper, dubstep-influenced melody throughout the second break we’re quickly face-to-face with those emotional synth lines once again, but this time they’ve been joined by the familiar dutch bleeps and bloops the world has come to expect from a production with Afrojack‘s name attached to it.

Have a listen below and head over to Amarolas’ Facebook page and pick up your copy of NOW!

Head over to Amarolas’ Facebook page and pick up your copy of NOW!

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