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November 21, 2012

Welcome back, brothers and sisters! As you may have noticed, the past couple editions of The Breakdown have been packed to the brim full of tunes, which has been rare since school started earlier this Fall… I’m keeping up with that trend again today and I hope that it’ll stay this way for the foreseeable future.

Today we’ve got some seriously massive EPs for you all to enjoy!
We’ve got content from Tyler Crichton, Charlie Darker and Rush West.

There’s a ton of electro house madness within today’s post, so GO GET IT!



Up first; we’ve got a good buddy of mine, from my hometown of Winnipeg, Tyler Crichton! He’s been featured in previous (1)(2) editions of The Breakdown with a couple of different remixes, but today I am extremely happy to present to you his debut EP, Master Commander; released by SectionZ Records. Packed with 3 original mixes and a Tyler Crichton remix of Shreddie Mercury; the Master Commander EP marched it’s way into the top 30 electro house releases, peaking at #23.

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Master Commander NOW!

Up first, the title track, Master Commander. Opening with a simple 4×4 kick and an echoing synth lead, we’re to treated to a soothing, feel-good, Deadmau5-esque synth melody in the first break, which is joined by a light kick to get your feet moving. Following a quick bass lead, topped by a playful vocal sample, we’re slapped square in the face with low-end grungy mayhem, with a beautifully complimenting synth line working in behind.

Feelgoodstep is up next and it’s easily my favorite track of the EP and my favorite Tyler Crichton production to date. Pardon my language, but that fuckin’ synth line,  paired with soft wobbles and a gritty bass line, is just about as funky as they come. This is seriously quality dubstep, that can be blared without your eardrums bleeding. You need this tune. I’m getting serious KOAN Sound vibes off of Feelgoodstep.

Dafuq is the final original mix of the EP. The intro is comprised largely of seriously hard-hitting claps, an upbeat drum arrangement and some subtle teases of grinding bass. Big-room styled synth lines come to shine through the break and following a quick build full of vocal stabs and bass leads, we’re treated once again to some filthy, low-end electro house at the hands of Tyler Crichton. The vocal sample work on Dafuq is superb, to say the least. There’s rarely a dull moment in this productionwe’re treated to not one, but 4 of Tyler‘s bass heavy drops.

Rounding out the Master Commander EPis Tyler Crichton‘s remix of Shreddie Mercury‘s Mount CleverestWe’ve featured this remix once before in a previous edition, but it’s definitely worth featuring again. Opening with an ominous synth lead, beautiful piano work and a simple beat pattern with crispy drums and a pounding kick. The kick leaves us just for a moment, marking the start of our build, where we’re lead into a world of low-end growling bass and high-pitched chip tune synths. Teasing us with a vocal sample just before another quick build, Tyler kicks up the bass and brings back that sample, giving this production some gangster flair. The last break is filled with beautiful synth stabs and a pounding kick… then we’re back in bassy heaven!

Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Master Commander NOW!

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Next up in today’s edition, we’ve got some new Charlie DarkerCharlie is no stranger to The Breakdownhaving been featured at least 5 times already! However, today’s feature shines a bit brighter than it’s predecessors.

Today, I’d like to share with you Charlie Darker‘s Atlantic/Pacific EP, that was just recently released on industry-heavyweight, Wolfgang Gartner‘s label, Kindergarten Recordings. This EP includes a pair of original mixes, one of which is a collaboration with fellow Canadian producers, LOVE THY BROTHER; originally from Toronto, Ont., but currently located in Montreal, QC. As an added bonus, we’ve also got a Charlie Darker remix of Botnek, another pair of cats currently located in Montreal, QC., that was just released this week on Dim Mak Records.

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Atlantic/Pacific NOW!

The lead track of the EP, Atlantic, sees Charlie Darker flexing his big-room muscles. With his anthemic leads and powerful synth lines shining through the breaks, it’s quite apparent that Charlie Darker has arrived in a big way and he’s definitely here to stay. The gritty, distortion-fueled drop is guaranteed to give your floor that jump-up energy.

Second and finally, we have Pacific, the collaboration between Charlie Darker and Canadian HypeM sensation, LOVE THY BROTHERThe intro is comprised of a long, upbeat and captivating drum pattern full of snapping snares and a long buzzing lead. Spacey synths enter to create a lovely soundscape for the first break and following a build of rolling drums, we’re face to face with an extremely beautiful, melodic drop – all backed by a buzzing bass line. It’s no wonder this EP was picked up by Wolfgang Gartner in such a hurry.

Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Atlantic/Pacific NOW!

We’re not done with Charlie Darker yet! We’ve also got his new remix of Botnek‘s Think I Feel It. It’s quite obvious that this remix is gonna be packed full of energy right from the get-go. Low-end distorted bass paired with strong synth stabs largely make up the drop on this production and I absolutely love the vocals. Funked out piano melodies make up the second break, but that’s where this preview is gonna end!

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy NOW!

Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy NOW!

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To wrap up today’s post, we’ve got a new EP from Rush West that was just released on Royal Fetish RecordingsRoyal Fetish Recordings was founded by Frederik Olufsen, but is currently headed up by Canadians, The Slag and Marc Rémillarda pair of dudes you all should be familiar with.

Now, those of you who are regular visitors of The Breakdown know that the focus of this blog is Canadian DJs and producers. However, I have been known to make exceptions for international artists, if their EP is being released on a Canadian label – and that’s exactly the case here.

Rush West are a pair of 17 year-old dudes from Sweden and their self-titled debut EP, Rush West EP, features 2 high-energy electro house originals.

Have a listen below and head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Rush West EP NOW!

The first track, titled ID, is the heavier of the two tracks. Following a long intro comprised of numerous percussive layers and a soft synth lead, we’ve come to the first break where we’re treated to a simplistic, feel-good melody just before the bass hits. The drop screams energy; with hard, crunchy synths joined by a high-pitched, almost siren-like, top line.  Just before the second break and outro, Rush West kicks up the energy even further with an amped-up, chirpy build.

The second track, titled Smells Like Electro is quite similar to Charlie Darker‘s Pacific; fierce synth melodies paired with a buzzing bass line. This track is pure happiness for my ears and with a clever title, I’m sure it’ll attract the attention of a few industry heavyweights before the day is through.

 Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Rush West EP NOW!

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