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November 15, 2012

Hello hello and welcome back to The Breakdown. If you’re lucky enough to be like Winnipeg right now… I hope you’re all surviving the heaping amount of snow you received!
Drive carefully and dress warm!

Last week’s edition of The Breakdown was stuffed full of amazing productions and this week we’re sticking with that trend! It’s cold out and some of you may be heading towards hibernation mode already, so let’s keep the beats coming!

This week we’ve got stuff from; MACAskillout of Montreal; Dvbbs, out of Toronto; and Damn Kids, also out of Toronto.



To get this edition started off; we’ve got a reader submission from someone I’ve only just heard about now, MACAskill, hailing from Niagara, Ont., but currently living in Montreal, Que.

Coo is a high-energy electro tune with a little kick of moombahton flair. Did I mention yet that this is a free download?! The intro is comprised of a simple 4×4 beat accompanied by an intricate hollow drum pattern and a high-pitched synth you’d expect from a dutch house production.  The first break is one large, driving build comprised of pitchy synth work and a long bass lead topped by a playful baby sample.  The dutch house elements remain strong throughout this track, backed by a buzzing bass line. Following the second break, comprised of echoing spaced-out synths, MACAskill slows things down and switches into booty-shaking moombahton madness with lasers firing every which way.

Have a listen below and be sure you grab that free download!

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Up next, another name in dance music I’m mostly unfamiliar with… DvbbsHaving a listen through their SoundCloud and I’m becoming even more disappointed in myself as I get further down the page. They make bangers, no way around it! Plus they have a pretty extensive gig history; having recently played at such festivals as IDentity Festival and VELD Festival, as well as playing alongside such industry heavyweights as; Calvin HarrisLMFAO and Rusko, to name a few. Dvbbs‘ productions are a mix between hyped club thumpers and emotional pieces of art… all party-starting fuel! This family affair is one you definitely need to keep your eye on!

Love & Lies is an emotional, peak-time production. Following a very quick intro, comprised of a steady 4×4 beat paired with echoing vocal samples and a simple piano melody, we’re faced with the first break; filled with uplifting vocals and that familiar piano melody over top of a rattling snare build. Prior to the drop we’re treated to a large, buzzing build filled with glitchy vocal samples and a hint of big-room synths, which really come to shine through the drop. With a trance-like feel to it, the drop is comprised of bright synth lines backed by a subtle buzzing bass line, peppered with carefully placed vocal samples. I’m a huuuge fan of the vocals within this production, and every one of their productions for that matter. They’ve got a bit of a Hollywood Undead appeal to them. As I said before, this is a peak-time production if there ever was one.

Have a listen below and be sure you hit their Facebook page for the FREE DOWNLOAD

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Need plans for NYE this year? Catch Dvbbs alongside Deadmau5, Chris Lake and more!


Let’s switch gears a bit and get back on to a producer that we’re familiar with here on The Breakdown.

I’m a bit late on this one, but Damn Kids has recently released his newest EP, Govudoh, to AC Slater‘s label, Trouble & Bass, and it’s already gaining some massive attention from heavyweights in the industry, such as; Drop The Lime, AC Slater, Nadastrom and Steve Aoki, to name a few.

The title track, Govudoh, stays true to the creative and intricate productions we’ve come to expect from Damn Kids. Following an intro of rapid-fire drum patterns and simple synth work, the break is one big build comprised solely of spacey synths that take over your ears. In signature Damn Kids style, the drop is completely out of this world; filled with big bass and a high-pitched ringing and rising synth. Add in a few classic Damn Kids vocal samples and this one is complete.

The second track in this EP, Jamana, picks up right where Govudoh left off. The intro is a quick one, filled with deep vocal samples working over top of an echoing, rattling drum pattern. Jamana is one of my favorite tracks off this EP and has the most dance-floor friendly drop of any of the Govudoh EP tracks; comprised of high-pitched synths, that have a dubstep appeal to them, backed by some fat-ass bass.

Naej, the third track of the EP, is also contender for my favorite track of the EP. Opening with some more of that unmatched Damn Kids percussion, Naej, is a synth-bubbling masterpiece. Deep bass, low-end bubbles and a playful vocal sample spell heater for this production.

Lastly, Nocturna is a deep and dark production, perfect for rounding out this EP. Perhaps the best showcasing of Damn Kids‘ percussive abilities, Nocturna is a very minimal production; filled to the brim with bass and crisp, clear and intricate percussion. The soundscapes that Damn Kids creates are incredible. I’d definitely love to see him live someday… and soon!

Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Govudoh NOW!

As an added bonusDamn Kids has recently let go a free download of a remix he’s done of Drake‘s Crew Love, with The Weeknd. This early A.M., loved-up, bass-focused treatment showcases his abilities for shuffling hip-hop inspired percussion elements, vocal processing, and airy atmospherics.

Have a listen in the player below and be sure you grab that free download!

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