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November 8, 2012

Hey ya’ll; welcome back to another edition of The Breakdown!

As you all are quite aware – I’m busy as a mother right now. As a result, there may or may not be some changes coming to The Breakdown in the near future… you’ll just have to keep coming back in order to find out! Like you needed another reason to stop by The Breakdown anyways…

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Today, we’ve got a brand spanking new EP from Apashe of Kannibalen Recordsfull of insanely massive tunes. Also included in today’s edition of The BreakdownThe Dirty Tees are back with a fire hot remix of Christina Aguilera and Marc Rémillard makes his first appearance… it definitely won’t be his last.


Oh, P.S., all of the artworks today feature some lovely women!


Apashe has been featured a few times now on The Breakdown, usually as a partnered production with another of the Kannibalen Records family, but today the focus is entirely on him.

Ritual is the second EP by Belgian producer Apashe on Kannibalen Records. Following the breakout success of his earlier effort, Contamination, Apashe has spent the past year locked in the studio, crafting what could be the perfect soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic tribal gathering of bass heads, rave kids and sound nerds. Ritual was released this Tuesday, on none other than Kannibalen RecordsRitual is chocked full of bass heavy beats, spanning a multitude of genres; ranging from thumping electro house to grimey trap beats. There’s something for everyone in this EP. With early support from Dirtyphonics and The Killabits among many other industry heavyweights, it’s not hard to see that this EP will have massive success!

Up first, is a collaboration with the heads of the label, Black Tiger Sex Machine. Origins opens with spacey synths and a light background beat, which is quickly joined by a thumping kick and a top line that furthers add to the spaced-out atmosphere they’ve created. For some reason, I think of whales and Free Willy, but maybe I’m a bit crazy. Following that long intro, the break starts with a forceful growl of heavy bass. A long bass lead begins and you get a sense of the chaos that’s about to ensue. The drop gets a kick start with an amped up sample and then drops into bouncy, grungy low-end madness we’ve come to expect from Apashe. With the melodramatic orchestral breakdowns from Black Tiger Sex Machinethis is a sure fire hit.

Second, Voodoo is one hell of a bad ass production. Considered a hybrid of dubstep and trap, Apashe really pushes the envelope with this one. Characterized by menacing horns and Apashes uncanny ability for bass design, this is a seriously haunting track. Throw in a few warped, Lil’ Jon-esque vocal samples and you’ve got yourself a certified trap banger. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks on Ritual. Completely horrifying.

Up next, the title track, Ritualis a moombahcore thumper. Full of playful foreign vocal samples and extremely hard hitting drums, this is a unique booty-shaking experience. Following a long build of squealing top lines and low, growling bass; you’re lead to the craziness of that bubbling synth riff. The drum pattern within this production is superb – guaranteed to have you swaying about.

The final original mix of this EP comes in the form of good-old headbanging electro. Opening with captivating hornsa haunting piano melody and an array of synth work, Tomahawk will surely have even the most seasoned electro vets begging for more. Following another long intro, the drop is out of this world and screams “jump up!” The top line, working in perfect harmony with Apashe‘s signature growls, really takes this production to the next level.

To complete the package, Tomahawk receives remix duties from Kai Wachi, who is a regular for Kannibalen Records and FetOo, who I’m unfamiliar with.

Kai Wachi‘s remix transforms the electro gem into a bonafide dubstep speaker buster; full of even more ethereal vocal samples, rising bass lines and extra gruesome synths. It’s tough to decide whether Apashe or Kai Wachi has a fiercer signature sound. Either way, they both have a sound unlike any other. This preview cuts out after only a small taste of the second drop, but you hear just enough to know that Kai Wachi kicks it up even further.

Finally, the FetOo remix has all the makings of a classic big-room complextro banger, with its cinematic opening rise and crunchy collection of distorted saw waves, buzzing bass and soft wobbles.

Head over to Beatport and pick up your copy of Ritual NOW!

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And now for something a little bit different… The Dirty Tees have gone and remixed Christina Aguilera‘s hit, Your Body, and turned it into an emotional, yet thumping, combination of progressive melodies and grinding electro bass.

Your Body (The Dirty Tees Remix) opens with a quick intro comprised of a thumping 4×4 beat, vocal teases, a simple synth top line and a long bass lead. The breaks in this production are considerably long, but that does not at all mean boredom. Instead it’s quite the opposite; characterized by Christina Aguilera‘s powerful and uplifting vocals backed by a subtle bass line and re-arranged drum pattern. Bring in the big-room, progressive melody and out pour the feelings of happiness. The drop is full of low-end grinding bass that is aching for a big system and is guaranteed to have your dance floor explode.

Have a listen in the player below and be sure you grab that free download!

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 To wrap up today’s edition of The Breakdown, we take a venture back into the world of heavy bass, with Marc Rémillard. This is Marc‘s first time being featured on The Breakdown, and I can guarantee you this won’t be the last time.

Benny Was A Good Man is on the mellower side of dubstep, but don’t be fooled. This will have the floor moving like crazy.

This production opens with somewhat of a simple rolling drum arrangement paired with blaring horns and ominous vocal samples. I love that jungle vibe I’m getting from the first break. It makes me think of that swinger scene in The Mask… lol, I love it! Those horns are out of this world, crystal clear… and that drum pattern in behind is funky as ever. Those ominous vocal samples remain a staple of Benny Was A Good Man throughout the entire track. Throw some buzzing bass in the mix and you’ve got the perfect production for swinger’s heaven! He kicks it up a touch just before the second break with a subtle rearrangement. The second drop comes complete with the addition of a light synth bit working perfectly over top of everything.

Have a listen in the player below and be sure you grab that free download!

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