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November 1, 2012

How goes it peeps?! I can’t believe we’re almost halfway to 100 editions of The Breakdown; that’s completely insane! I’ve had nothing but fun sharing these productions with you guys over the past months and we’ve got plenty of fun times ahead!

Halloween was yesterday! Did you guys dress up and party hard last weekend?
What did you do? Who did you see? We want to hear from you guys!

It brings me both joy and sadness to let you guys know I’m nearly all caught up on my inbox promo… so start filling it up again! … if you know some Canadian talent that you think deserves to be featured on The BreakdownLET US KNOW by contacting thebreakdown(at)djmag(dot)caTell your friends! We love to hear from you guys!

With school, work, DJing and life in general being so demanding lately, I’m still forced to keep The Breakdown a bit shorter than what you may be used to in the past, but don’t fret!
Quality over quantity!

Today we’ve got just a couple tracks lined up; MDK makes a return, for his second week in a row, with another midtempo freebie and The Breakdown regular, Markus Cole, has teamed up with Ris to create an emotional progressive house gem, which is also being given away for free.

With that being said, let’s get on to some free bangers!


First off; last week we heard from MDK and I had mentioned that he would be returning this week. Well here we are, it’s next week and MDK has just what you need.

If you follow MDK on SoundCloud, chances are you’ve heard a lower quality, demo version of SyndromeHe’s since polished it up and has finally let it loose upon the world.

Syndrome is a bass-heavy track that combines progressive house melodies with a powerful moombahton groove… together they make sex. Opening to a funky drum pattern paired with a simple piano melody, we’re quickly met with subtle growling undertones and a beautiful synth top line. The first break is characterized by big-room synths and spacey leads. Following a quick build, topped by a cheeky vocal sample, we’re introduced to the drop; a flurry of growls and wobbles working in perfect harmony with those big-room synths that set this moombah track apart from the rest. Big ups to our man, MDKfor this thumping freebie!

Have a listen to Syndrome and be sure to take advantage of the conveniently placed download button, located in the player below!

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To wrap things up, we’ve got a dude who truly needs no introduction. The most frequently featured artist on The Breakdown, Markus Cole.

With Markus Cole‘s newest offering, he’s ditched his familiar progressive electro and instead, confidently sways into the realm of progressive house.

Spacey synths, a solid 4×4 beat and the uplifting vocals of Ris make up much of Life Is A Dream‘s intro. These vocals are so strong and clear. We’re introduced to a small first break; comprised of those positive vocals and big-room synths, which is quickly met by a 4×4 beat that returns very briefly just the second, longer break. With the addition of a small dubstep bit for flavour, we get a small glimpse of the signature Markus craziness we’re used to hearing.

While this track may not be one the dance floor-ready bangers we’ve come to expect from Markus ColeLife Is A Dream is the perfect addition for those who need a little bit more easy-listening beauty in their lives. This production perfectly showcases Markus’ ability and diversity as a producer.
Keep pushing yourself, Markus!

Life Is A Dream is now available for purchase on iTunes, but being the generous dude that Markus is… he’s giving this one away for free from his Facebook page! GO GITTIT!

Have a listen to Life Is A Dream below and head to his Facebook page for your free download!

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