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October 25, 2012

Welcome back to The Breakdown! Life is busy and good as always! I hope you guys are on the grind, too!

How many of you have had the opportunity of attending Dada Land over the past couple of weeks? My review of their time in Winnipeg is live! Check it out here! I hope it can help you relive some memories of your time at Dada Land! Did you guys have fun?!

Halloween is right around the corner! Next time you hear from me, it’ll be the day after! Grab a couple free downloads below and give the kids a scare.

Today we’ve got some more FREE trap bass from SNAILS, a right ravey banger from the Dooze Jackers and a midtempo freebie from MDK.


Up first, ya’ll remember last week’s edition with SNAILS? I had mentioned he’d have a new freebie for you guys and the man delivered big time! Plus, how sick does that artwork look?!

SNAILS… he’s different, he’s creative, he takes risks, he creates absolute bangers and he’s a hella nice dude. What I mean by different is, he doesn’t sound like everybody else. You haven’t heard sounds like this before, except maybe from him.

What we’ve got today is a re-working and re-mastering of one of SNAILS‘ favorite remixes that he’s done. This updated version goes hella hard. Opening to an ambient soundscape filled with haunting vocal samples, massive intrusions of crunchy bass and strange water drop sounds working over top; he hints at the multitude of sounds you’re about to have pounding through your ears. The first drop is about as fat as they come; crunchy horns, carefully placed vocal samples and crisp drums rattling away. Just before the second break, we’re treated to a sound I can’t quite explain, but it makes me smile! That water drop sound shines through the second break and the second drop is just other-worldly; full of spacey synths howling away over top of that fat bass line.

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Next up, a duo that our man SNAILS is part of… the Dooze Jackers! These party animals have been featured a couple times in the past and I’m extremely happy to be featuring them once more… it’s been far too long!

Teaming up with J-Trick and Reece Low, the Dooze Jackers have highly flammable party starting fuel on their hands… Based is a high energy production with rave written all over it. Opening to a quick peak at a massive driving build; the first break is comprised of a simple melody switching between high-pitch and low-pitch synths. Following another massive build, we’re finally at the drop! Backed by a buzzing bass line, the high-pitched synth line will make a mess of any dance floor. Throw in a couple different vocal samples for flavour and it’s not hard to see that this production will serve as a peak-time banger for quite some time.

Based is available NOW, for purchase on Beatport.
The Based EP is rounded out by two remixes; provided by JDG and Jebu.

Have a listen to the original mix preview below and be sure to head to Beatport and pick up your copy, and check out the remixes!

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Lastly, you all may remember MDK from his orchestral dubstep remix in the Skrillex and Damian MarleyMake It Bun DemRemix Contest.

Today he’s back with a fun midtempo freebie! Weeble Wobble is a peppy blend of moombahton and glitch-hop; utilizing a multitude of synths ranging from big-room to electro to chiptune, working with low-end growls and buzzing bass. He slows it down mid-production with a bass heavy glitch-hop bit; full of growls and electro and big-room synths, but takes us back into a sexy mix of moombahton and chiptune for the final drop.

Have a listen to Weeble Wobble below and make sure you take advantage of that free download! 

Look for MDK to make a return to The Breakdown again next week! Be excited!

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