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Today our content is coming to us courtesy of; Vancouver’s MDK, Dabin treats us to the fourth and final installment of Kannibalen Record‘s Free Flesh and The Dirty Tees share a new SNL-inspired drumstep production.

Let’s go! We’ve got a healthy dose of bass today.


For starters, let me introduce you to the fast-rising, Vancouver-based MDK. Morgan David King, a.k.a. MDK is an electro/dubstep producer coming from Vancouver, Canada. His style is a unique blend of grimey dubstep basses, aggressive orchestral instruments, and energetic melodies.

At the young age of 20, Morgan is already establishing dominance in the world of bass-oriented electronic music. His remix of, Korn (ft. SkrillexKill the Noise) – Narcissistic Cannibal, placed second in Korn‘s official remix competition. Currently working on a cornucopia of new material, Morgan is is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Expect to hear a lot more material from him over the coming months.

MDK is back on the remix contest grind, taking on Skrillex & Damian Marley‘s Make It Bun Dem and transforming it into a chaotic fusion of orchestral influences and hard-hitting bass. Opening to a playful intro melody, the strings enter to lead the way and you immediately experience that orchestra feel. It reminds me a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean to be honest, which is super cool. We’re treated to a bit of xylophone in the breaks, which is a beautiful addition. The drop is comprised of hard-hitting bass and well-timed stops with the beautiful instrumentals joining in once more to accompany Marley‘s amped vocals. MDK keeps the energy high, kicking up the tempo for that last drop.
Have a listen to the remix below and be sure to give Morgan your support by voting for him in the contest! SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW CANADIAN!

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Welcome back, Dabin, one of many relentless talents to come from the Kannibalen Records camp. Having been featured on The Breakdown through EP releases from label mates, it’s been some time since Dabin has had the focus to himself. Originally featured back in March for his Electropolitics EP, which rocked Beatport, Dabin is back to wrap up the Free Flesh series from Kannibalen Records.

Silhouette paints an emotional picture right from the get-go. Instantly pulling feelings with soothing piano chords, intriguing vocal samples and warm synth stabs. We’re even treated to a touch of electric guitar in the breaks. This is melodic dubstep at it’s finest, people. Driving bass, a crazy top line and subtle growling undertones working perfectly to create one of the most moving productions I’ve heard in a while. I can’t say enough good things about this.
Have a listen for yourselves below and don’t you dare pass up on this free download.

Stop by the Kannibalen Records SoundCloud and pick up the rest of the Free Flesh series.

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To finish up, we’ve got an amazing SNL-inspired drumstep production from The Dirty Tees. They’ve also put together a sweet video edit that is really well done and guaranteed to make you laugh!

More Cowbell is a prime example of how versatile these two dudes truly are. Taking a step outside their comfort zone has really paid off for them (and us as the listeners). High-pitch synths and buzzing bass along with an upbeat drum pattern will have the kids flailing about for sure.
Complete with Christopher Walken samples, this one is a free download, available from their Facebook page hereThere are a bunch of other freebies there, so be sure to grab them all!

I’ve included the video edit below, because it’s hilarious, but this one is also available on their SoundCloud for those of you who prefer that to YouTube.

Be sure to stay on top of their industry/production tip series exclusive to!
Their second video is live here! The first is here

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