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September 6, 2012

Hey, hey, heyyy! Welcome back, ya’ll; and a big thanks for returning! Summer is on the final stretch and school is starting up again, but we’ve got a few more weeks of sunshine left until autumn is officially upon us.

Before we begin I’d like to say this… I’m still catching up on promos in my inbox; so a few of these may have already been released for a couple of weeks now, while others brand spankin’ new!
Once again, if you’ve sent me promo and we’ve already spoken; please be patient as my inbox is a bit swamped at the moment! Thanks for understanding!

Today we’ve got a shit ton of content for you guys to enjoy! This post can be summed up in one word… BASS! We’ve got content from The SlagKai Wachi, Apashe and SNAILS, The Sonixx and Tripwave! As you can see, this is going to be somewhat of a “mega-post,” so I’ll focus a bit less on the chit-chat and more on the BASS! The Sonixxwas even kind enough to let us have the exclusives on his newest collabo track. This joint is straight FIRE! DON’T OVERLOOK IT! LET’S GO!


To get today jumped off right, we’ve got a free moombahcore heater from The Slag and fellow Canadian, Marc Rémillard. This is a hella playful piece of work complete with sampled movie bits, high-pitched synth bubbling and 40 different loops from various Utku S. packages. If you like Game of Thronesthis is definitely one for you! Even if you’re not a fan of the show, you’d be foolish to pass up on this freebie!

This one is available for free download from The Slag’s Facebook page

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Up next, coming out of the Kannibalen Records camp, Kai Wachi is here to shake your bones with his Amnesty EP. This EP is 3 tracks long and touches on moombahcore, glitch-hop and electro; all heavy as fuuuck!

Amnesty is the debut EP of Kai Wachi, a young producer hailing from Boise, Idaho. I don’t normally feature artists unless they’re Canadian, but Kannibalen Records is – and they’re one of my favorite labels as of lately, so deal with it!

Amnesty starts off with a haunting atmospheric intro reminiscent of Kai Wachi’s previous hit Dissolve that builds up into a head-nodding electro beat intercut with emotive vocal samples. With Kannibal, Kai has concocted a new anthem for all flesh eaters, using alarm-like synth stabs, metallic bass hits and driving snare rolls to create a sonic feast of audio destruction. Cranium then ups the tempo to 125 bpm and combines fidgety synth stabs, growling bass lines and big room drums to close out the EP on a high energy note.

Be sure to head over to Beatport and pick up your copy! This is an EP you won’t want to overlook!

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Also coming from the Kannibalen Records camp, Apashe and SNAILS team up to produce a seriously dirty trap joint and it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD! Everyone’s been getting in on the trap movement these days, so staying ahead of the trend is important. It’s refreshing to hear some new sounds being utilized in creative and interesting ways.

It’s only been a year since Kannibalen Records has been in the business and to celebrate such a successful first year , they’re giving away something free every Wednesday throughout September for, what they’re calling,  Free Flesh Wednesday. 

Find yourself a big sub and turn this one up. It’ll shake you right to your ribcage, seriously.

This one is available for free download from the Kannibalen Records SoundCloud page!

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Want to see how fucking crazy some of these Kannibalen parties get? Enjoy a peak below, as well as a preview of an upcoming Black Tiger Sex Machine release titled, Rezorecta!

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MOAR FREE DOWNLOADS FOR YA’LL! We’ve got two freebies courtesy of The Sonixx, ready to blow your roof sky high! P.S. One of them is a “The Breakdown exclusive!” You heard it here first!

The Sonixx produces some of the most moving and beautiful dubstep that I’ve ever heard; this next one is no exception. Featuring the vocals of Molly Williams, Nicolas has created yet another banger. Focusing largely on melody, his productions remind me of Adventure Club fueled by a gnarlier edge. You & Me is packed full of low-end, growling bass and beautiful and uplifting vocals. Hang on to your seat when the second drop comes around, you might wanna jump up! :)

This one is available for free download from The Sonixx’s Facebook page


This next one you’re hearing for the first time, here on DJ Mag Canada! EXCLUSIVE, BABY! I can honestly say I didn’t expect this next one to drop like it does; and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Venturing outside his comfort zone, The Sonixx has teamed up with David A and produced a track that is primed to set the club ablaze. Bring It On The Floor is full of dutch influences that work perfectly alongside Nicolas‘ signature bass heavy sound. Everything about this track screams, “party!” I can’t wait to give this one a playing out. We’re so honoured that The Sonixx chose to release his new single through The Breakdown!

This one is a free download from the player embedded below!


The Sonixx is currently working on a 3-track EP so STAY TUNED!

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To finish up today’s post, I leave you with a bew music video from some hometown (Winnipeg) talent! Tripwave and Sw@t have come together and created a sexy breaks tune titled, Feel It. Below is the official video for the Toronto Is Broken Radio Edit; full of deep bass, beautiful vocals and an upbeat drum pattern!

Be sure to head over to Beatport and pick up your copy!

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