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June 26, 2012

Welcome back guys! I hope everyone’s doing great today. Summer is well underway now and there is so much to be doing, which is why this post may seem a bit shorter than most! Summer used to be a pretty care-free time when I was younger, but now it’s busy as hell! There is so much stuff going on right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Stay busy this Summer! Lounge around and have some “you-time”, but don’t turn into a vegetable! Take in the sun and enjoy the outdoors!

The Full Flex Express Tour has officially come to a close now, but we’ve still got our memories, videos and pictures! DJ Mag Canada was reppin’ hard each time the tour made a stop in one of our lovely cities in Canada and we’ve got a ton of pictures to show that. Use the search option in the top right of our homepage and get hunting! I was lucky enough to meet KOAN Sound, who are some really down-to-earth guys. More importantly, I  was given the opportunity to interview TOKiMONSTA, who is such an amazing person. Stay tuned for my interview with her! Enough reminiscing… time for new music!

Today we’ve got some info on a pretty cool remix contest provided by SectionZ Records, as well as a remix provided by Tyler CrichtonJELO gets some more action from The Breakdown with a peak-time banger filled with vocals that’ll have you raging!


For starters, I’d like to share a remix contest with you producers and DJs out there! Now, I’m not too familiar with SectionZ Records, but their SoundCloud states that they are based mainly in Canada and Thailand and by looking at their past releases, it’s clear that they’ve had the pleasure of working with some talented producers; Savant, Love Automatic and Shreddie Mercury just to name a few.

This remix contest is for Shreddie Mercury’s, Mount Cleverest, which was released on Beatport just over a month ago. The original is an upbeat electro house gem; comprised of long, piano-filled breaks, a buzzing bass line and synth lines galore! I’m super excited to see what the entrants have come up with! Check out the original mix below!

If you’re interested in trying your hand in this remix contest… you can grab all the stems and necessary information here

Photography by OMNO

Now, for those of you who have been following The Breakdown since the beginning, or shortly there-after, you might be familiar with Tyler Crichton, who has been featured twice (1)(2). In the tenth edition of The Breakdown, we featured his album promo mix, which was well enjoyed by you folks!

However, it pains me to say, but Tyler has since scrapped that project, deeming it “not good enough” and has started a new one. I was a massive fan of what he had finished for his last EP, so naturally I’m extremely excited to see what he’s come up with now! His EP is set for release on SectionZ Records in either late summer or fall! Keep your eyes locked on his SoundCloud, because word on the street is that he’ll be letting go a preview this week, containing electro and dubstep.

Another little tidbit of information that is gonna be of use to you producers and DJs out there… Tyler Crichton is now helping out with the A&R (Artists and Repertoire) section of SectionZ Records, which means he does the scouting and taking of the demos! Want to get your tunes signed? Give our buddy Tyler an e-mail at! Tyler is also on the review panel for the Shreddie Mercury remix contest, so go big and make sure you’ve got something that will impress!

Tyler Crichton‘s entered this remix contest as well; taking Shreddie Mercury’s upbeat electro house gem and injecting a heavy dose of bass and wobbles. Tyler‘s remix opens with an ominous synth lead, beautiful piano work and a simple beat pattern with crispy drums and a pounding kick. The kick leaves us just for a moment, marking the start of our build, where we’re lead into a world of low-end growling bass and high-pitched chip tune synths. Teasing us with a vocal sample just before another quick build, Tyler kicks up the bass and brings back that sample, giving it some gangster flair. The last break is filled with beautiful synth stabs and an upbeat 4×4 drum pattern, then we’re back in bassy heaven! Well done on this, Tyler! It sounds absolutely amazing!

Check it out below and keep your eyes and ears open, because should Tyler‘s remix be a finalist, I’ll have all the information on how to vote coming your ways!

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Photography from Digital Dreams

To wrap up today’s post, we’ve got a tasty free download from our homie, JELO. JELO’s been making his mark on Toronto’s electronic scene since 1996 and has since then began his reign of dominance over the electro house scene. If you’ve ever had the opportunity of seeing him perform live, you know what a party this cat can throw. His sets are always high energy and lots of banging tunes and booze. I was lucky enough to catch him for the first time at last year’s WEMF and I can’t wait to make it round two this year. Hopefully I can grab an interview with him that weekend and get inside the mind of JELO! That would be the ultimate!

JELO and Frederik Mooij have teamed up to give this classic electro track a 2012 facelift. This remix begins with a pounding kick, accompanid by light buzzing undertones and a soft synth paired with vocals leading the way into the first break. The first break hits and this is when the vocals really start to solidify their place in the track. A build-up filled with airhorns leads you to the drop where a fat buzzing bass line and sweeping synths works amazingly with the vocals to create a peak time party jam! I better hear this funky electro beat out of his set at WEMF this year! Good job, JELO, and thanks for the free download!

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SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION: My summer 2012 promo mix, Smile! It’s Summer! Vol. 01, has been available for online streaming and free download for a little over 2 weeks now. Have you heard it yet? Only the best in uplifting, vocal and progressive house! The absolute perfect mix for lounging poolside, taking in the sunset, cruising around town, pregaming for the party and just about anything else you might find yourself doing this summer!

1.) (INTRO) Down With The Count (Original Mix) – Hot Pink Delorean ft. Count von Count
2.) Glad You Came 2night (Fero vs. Dzeko & Torres Edit) – Eric Prydz vs. The Wanted
3.) If This Ain’t Love (Original Club Mix) – Erick Morillo & Ed Thoneick
4.) Warzone (Basto! Remix) – The Wanted
5.) Keep It Coming (Basto! Remix) – Starkillers & Nadia Ali
6.) Toy Story (Original Mix) – Quintin
7.) Reasons (Original Mix) – Project 46
8.) Let’s Go (Fareoh Remix) – Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo
9.) Alive (Basto! Remix) – Adrian Lux
10.) At Last (Original Mix) – Walden
11.) Walls (Original Mix) – Sultan & Ned Shepard ft. Quilla
12.) Out Of Control (Original Mix) – Mikael Weermets and Bauer & Lanford
13.) Because Of U (Club Mix) – Feng Shui ft. Max C
14.) Absolut Levels (Gregori Klosman Bootleg) – Avicii vs. Bjornberg
15.) Embrace Me (Dirty South Remix) – John Dahlback
16.) Lights (Feenixpawl Bootleg) – Ellie Goulding


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