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June 7, 2012

Welcome back ya’ll! The grey and rainy weather has finally left Winnipeg and we’ve got nothing but sun and heat now! I apologize if our shitty weather has made it’s way over to your end of the country, but oh well! It’s outta my neck of the woods now and that’s what matters most! Lol. Summer is definitely here.

Now to get on with business and bring you the beats! Today we’ve got another good mixture of things for you to check out. The Slag gets a warm welcome to The Breakdown with a review of his newest electro house monster Dirty B and the Dirty B (Fatso Remix)Imanos also gets his first feature and Daniel Carelli makes his first return to The Breakdown – both with some banging Top 40 girl fire remixes. LET’S GO!


The Slag, a.k.a. Lance Zeus Lasheras, has solidified his position in the fast growing bass movement that is slowly taking over. This Vancouver native has racked up a total of 11 Top 100 selling singles on Beatport and Trackitdown, including a No. 1 chart topper! His debut releases Blasphemy and Mono To Poly were released on Eden Recordings, the label of house master Donald Glaude. Just four months following the release, they maintained the top spot on Eden’s Top 10 selling tracks on Beatport. Following this release, Lance went on a spree of releasing chart topping singles on various labels.

Receiving support from some massive names in the industry, it’s fairly evident that Lance has hardly begun his journey to into the limelight. Tim Smith, the manager of Skrillex and OWSLA has said, “This is pretty solid!” While The Frederik from Mau5trap has referred to his work as “brilliant!” He has been featured on highly reputable labels such as; Big Fish Recordings, Big Alliance Records, Eden Recordings and many many more.

While Lance has produced more Top 100 releases than I can count on my fingers … he is definitely not one to solely label as a producer.  Lance has been an international performer for quite some time, touring as part of the electronic duo D2. The Slag and performing partner JVK won numerous awards for their high energy performances through out Japan. On top of that, the boys held a residency at the country’s largest club, ageHa. They were also frequently featured on iFlyer and Metropolis Magazine.

Lance is constantly at work; be it DJing, producing, touring, hosting numerous radio shows or co-managing his label, Royal Fetish Recordings, with The Frederik of Mau5trap … the guy is busy! His label has released productions from such talent as Darth & Vader, Dirtyloud and Lucky Date. The Slag hosts two different radio shows. The ‘Slag Show’ airs on Digitally Imported Radio‘s Electro House station every third Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. EST. The ‘Slag Show’ features huge international stars each month. Visit for live streaming or click here to see past episodes. His show airs just before Lazy Rich‘s. The Slag also currently hosts the DJ MAG Canada Bass(Pod)cast. This hour long mix will come at you every third Friday of the month featuring an intro mix from Lance himself, followed by his monthly Top 5 and finally a half hour guest mix from top international talent. Check out the first episode here!

Now in 2012, The Slag is prepared to release his debut full length album entitled The Big Beat Manifesto, currently being optioned for OWSLA records after finding a fan of the project in Tim Smith of the Blood Company.

That’s enough introduction for now … let’s get on to some tunage! This is a short, but massive, two-track release from The Slag with an original mix and a remix provided by Fatso.
The Slag went hard on this one! With a deep growling bass line, pulsing synths over top and soft vocals echoing in behind everything, I guarantee this one will get your feet moving.  There’s a short spacey top line that leads us into the second drop, where The Slag stutters the synths a bit, kicking up the energy a touch. Another quick build up and the drop hits you once more, leaving you with hardly a second to catch your breath, The Slag will make you sweat.
The Fatso remix enters with some nice plucking of a guitar and a bigs weeping synth. The drop is a bit deeper and has a darker feel, with a simple, but captivating synth over top. The vocal samples enter shortly thereafter and the energy and feel of the track completely changes. He utilizes some unique synths through out the entire track, giving it a much more laid back feel, it’s very easy to bob along in my chair. I love the old Nintendo-esque sounds that close out this preview.
Check them out below and then head over to Beatport to pick up your copy!

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Up next is Vancouver-bred producer, Imanos. Unfortunately, I don’t have a complete press-kit for Imanos as it is being re-written right now, so hopefully a quick summary of his Facebook information will do.

Imanos is one of Canada’s hottest up-and-coming talents. Taking influence from Swedish and Dutch sounds, he has carefully crafted his own unique blend of big room bliss. At the young age of 24, Imanos has already seen support from some major names in the electronic community. Avicii, Tiesto, Pete Tong, Laidback Luke and Hardwell is only a small sample of DJs supporting the Imanos sound. His last track of 2011, I’ll Wait For You, was released by industry giant John Dahlback, and quickly became Imanos‘ top selling track on Beatport. With beautiful vocals provided by Lindsey Ray, John Dahlback called it “one for the festivals!” 

His Decked Out Mixtape series continues to grow with each episode. ‘Decked Out’ showcases an hour of the finest, newest and most exclusive dance music with a diverse selection of high quality tracks. ‘Decked Out’ is advancing it’s steady progress forward in 2012 with the addition of a guest mix segment, and can be often found on some of the most viewed house music blogs such as BeatMyDay.

The Canadian up-and-comer is surely one to keep an eye on for 2012. A master of vocals, armed with his unique blend between electro and progressive, Imanos has numerous releases ready to go. Each one primed to take your breath away.

Now that you know who you’re dealing with  let’s get on with the beats. I’ve got the newest release from Imanos as well as the most recent episode of his Decked Out Mixtape series, which features a guest mix from Musical Freedom‘s latest addition, Ken Loi.

Imanos‘ most recent release comes in the form of a remix for mystery production duo Sato Goldschlag, who have previously worked with Rihanna and Beyonce. Their hit with Wynter Gordon, Mr. Mister, was dubbed as one of 2012’s best house tracks by MTV this February. If the original received such high praise, surely this remix from Imanosand frequent production partner Faustix, will impress. Opening with a rapid fire drum pattern, the blood gets pumping instantly. Following that high energy opening is a long break with a simple progressive synth leading the way, beautifully complimenting the vocals from Wynter Gordon. A buzzing, distorted bass line pounds through the drop, with stabbing vocal samples. We’re quickly treated once more to a long break and build with Gordon‘s vocals shining through. This one is a free download! All you’ve gotta do is click ‘Buy this track’ from SoundCloud, and you’ll be taken to his Facebook page – where it’ll only cost you “one like” to receive this gem. Check it out below and then get that free download!

Up next for your listening pleasure is Decked Out Episode 15 (Incl. Ken Loi Guest Mix). This mix is just under an hour long, featuring the newest and hottest in progressive house. This is another free download! I’ll include the track listing underneath the player in case you guys wanna go grab any of the tracks you’re hearing! This is a perfect summer time mix, so crank it up! 

01. Keane – Silenced By The Night (Alesso Remix) – Refune/Interscope
02. Jupiter Ace Feat. Geneva Lane – Glowing In The Dark – Big Vision
03. Moguai & Tommy Trash – In N Out (Tommy Trash Club Mix) – Mau5trap
04. Nilson & The 8th Note – Transformers – Flamingo
05. Spencer & Hill & Nadia Ali – Believe It (Ziggy Remix) – Strictly Rhythm

Ken Loi Guest Mix
01. Avicii vs Lenny Kravitz – Superlove – Big Beat
02. Meiko – Leave The Lights On (Morgan Page Remix) – Fantasy/Concord
03. ID – ID – White
04. Miike Snow – The Wave (Thomas Gold Remix) – Axtone
05. Ken Loi ft. Zashanell – All It Takes – Musical Freedom
06. Michael Brun & Special Features vs Thomas Gold vs Gotye – Fire Somebody’s Synergy (Ken Loi Bootup) – White

Finally, if you’re from the New York City area, or will be in the area on June 9, be sure to stop by Santos Party House for Imanos‘ NYC headline debut. 

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Closing out this week’s edition of The Breakdown, Daniel Carelli makes a return with his remix of the Rihanna‘s newest hit, Where Have You Been. If you’re not familiar with Daniel Carelli, take a second to read over his introduction in his last feature!

Daniel paired up with Kamil to produce this remix and they’ve gone and created quite the big room banger. A long opening comprised of a simple synth working over top of a light kick … Rihanna‘s vocals enter and the piano starts to get stronger leading us into the break. The drop on this tune is massive, with huge grinding synths. I can picture the dance floor erupting. The piano work in the second break is too catchy. Just perfect. The second drop on this track is such a refreshing change for the remix. Pure piano bliss. The good news is this masterpiece is another free download. With over 14,000 plays in a week, this is one you won’t want to miss. The downloads are maxed out on SoundCloud, so you’ll have to go here to get your copy. MAKE SURE YOU DO!

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