DJSlinn 4 years ago

May 20, 2012

Bonjourno! I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend as much as I am. There’s nothing better than an extra day tagged on to your weekend and excess amounts of beer haha. Speaking of long weekend, I cannot wait for Freedom 2012 later on tonight at The Guvernment complex in downtown Toronto. Nicky Romero, Carl Cox and Armin van Buuren are playing there tonight, just to name a few. Here’s a sample of what’s to come! 

Okay! Next up. I found this super sick remix of Nirvana’s All Apologies made by Sound Remedy. I tried looking up some info for you guys regarding this artist but all of his pages just have links to his other pages as well as his free music. Weird. Whatever the case, this remix is great. It’s originality is greatly preserved but it also has some wicked electro flavor. I really like how it starts off super chill and builds to this amazing drop. Nice filter effects too, Sound Remedy!

This next track, also remixed by Sound Remedy, is sick too. As before he preserves originality and adds that little extra kick! Plus it’s a remix of Neil Young. Hell ya! 

For those of you that have been following my blog you may remember Pretty Lights from The Drop 004. It seems every time I check in on this guy he is growing bigger and bigger at an exponential rate. His sound is unlike anything I have heard before and each and every track is just as good if not better than his last. Pretty Lights played a show on NYE in Colorado this year (sold out, I’m sure). From the looks of the video it was a really sick time. Wish I were there! The video is a recap of the night and also features his latest track entitled You Get High. It’s a great name for this track seeing as I feel high when listening to it! Make sure you full screen this video and turn up that bass. SoundCloud player with the same track can be found below.

Dada Life. The Swedish duo who ranked #89 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 in 2010 then moved up to #39 in just one year and have been releasing unreal tracks since I started listening heavily to EDM just over two years ago. The two Swedes just made a video to their track Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker. The video follows somewhat of a story featuring both Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom lip-syncing their lyrics followed by a series of slow-mo clips of the two breaking stuff. Pretty sweeeeeet. Can’t go wrong with things breaking in slow motion!

To end off this week’s post I’m going to leave you with this super-chill remix by Adventure Club.  Adventure Club is another production duo, this time based out of Montreal. These guys make some seriously sick dubstep remixes. One of my favorites is their remix of Flight FacilitiesCrave You. I like this one a lot too with its underlying dubstep baselines and really soothing vocals. Check ‘em out!

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