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May 14, 2012

Written by  DJ Si Edwards

Intro: After departing Spain a bizarre freak storm known as a ‘Meteorological Event’ happened to us, our plane had to make an un-schedule landing in Italy, which resulted in us hiring a car to drive to France for a show in Nice. An unusual chain of events and a Sat Navigation system that didn’t work somehow got us to the venue, but after all the drama to get here, was it worth it?

Destination/Location: Nice, France

I’ve been to Nice a few times and I’ve always enjoyed the place. The cool beach location on a sunny warm day is a great place to hang, people watch along the ocean front and take in the sheer beauty of the waves lapping up against the shore. With all the designer shops you need, tons of superb ocean front restaurants, it’s easy to see why this is a top destination for tourists coming to southern France, but is it a place to come for clubbers? Let’s check out what people tell me is ‘THE’ club to play at in the city. Top 10 tourist things in Nice HERE.

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Venue/Club: High Club

The club is in a stunning location, an ocean view building across the street from the beach with a grand entrance that looks like something from an Aristocrat movie. You can tell this is a plush venue with it’s beautiful décor, super cool staff, state of the art lighting and booming sound system. The layout is perfect, after walking through the grand entrance you enter the impressive main room, with mezzanine balcony for the VIPs over looking the club and a back room housing alternative music to chill out too. After many people told me this is the place to be in Nice, I can now say it definitely looks like it. With a forthcoming lineup of guest DJs such as Laidback Luke, Joachim Garraud, Steve Aoki and Fedde le Grande, the club is definitely pushing the EDM scene here booking quality names.

Club Website HERE   |  Twitter @HighClubNice  |

 Night/Event: Friday Nights

I must admit, walking into such a nice club with a high end vibe you’d expect the crème de la crème of people partying here. Apparently on a  Saturday that is the case, however, this was a Friday night aimed at students and the younger party people, so the vibe was crazy and the crowd messy. The club was packed and you could tell everyone was up for a mental night, the energy in the room was incredible. The resident DJ already had the crowd rocking, he had to drop some big tracks due to us being late to the gig due to our long drive to get here. Taboo came on and as always delivered a strong, tight banging set of main room tunes and the club stayed full till the very end, with everyone still buzzing, it was great to see the vibe still very much alive at 4 a.m.


This was  full on house night, big main room tunes as the young crowd lost it on the dancefloor. Having been in quite a few French clubs over the years, I can honestly say the music here is always superb. For the past 10 to 15 years the country has spawned some incredible producers and DJs, from electronic pioneers like Jean Michel Jarre to Daft Punk, in fact I can mention loads off the top of my head: Justice, Etienne De Crecy, Joachim Garraud, Dimitri from Paris, Laurent Garnier, Bob Sinclair, Martin Solveig, Sebatien Leger and the newly crowned No.1 DJ David Guetta. Oh I can’t forget, last but not least, one of the brightest up and coming talents … Madeon! If I missed anyone, post on the message board below :)

 Tech/Geek Spotlight: Vestax Pad ONE

I’ve had quite a few DJs, VJs and Audio Tech Light Jocks in clubs ask me about one of the controllers I use for a lot of my shows, the compact yet massive feature packed Vestax Pad ONE. This MIDI controller is so versatile, whether using it in the recording studio or for live shows, in clubs or giant festivals, I would highly recommend this to anyone in the industry. Being built in an all metal case with silicon pads means its so durable, perfect for touring and with it being so small takes up no room while traveling around.  A feature I particularly love about this is are the velocity sensitive pads, a superb addition that gives you even more flexibility when mapping it to software.

Tour Bug: Each week I bring up something that has bugged me while on tour. The only thing that got to me while here in Nice was the lack of English from the promoters and club staff, this made it very difficult for us to communicate for technical things, details of how we wanted the night to run for the show. I understand we’re in their country, maybe they expect us to try speak the local language, but I think at least one English speaking person would have been great to help us communicate a little bit better to help speed things up.

Stand Out Moment: Imagine being in the DJ booth, looking out over the packed out room as everyone dances. Suddenly a figure appears from nowhere, stood at the front of the booth dressed just like Michael Jackson, remember, this was no fancy dress party. The guy was deadly serious, he wanted to be the king of pop, we couldn’t resist and just had to participate, cue an MJ song and wait for the reaction! As the Shevtsov & Alex Menco Remix of Billie Jean dropped it was his calling, a quick flick of the wrist, a shimmy to the side, hat tilted down and he began. As the crowd stood back to form a circle, camera phones popped up everywhere, the guy went into an MJ routine that was actually pretty good, mimicking the moves we all know, the crowd cheered as for one night, this man lived his dream and moonwalked to a rapturous applause. It was very random, but it also stood out as a moment we’ll never forget from Nice.

Final Thought: It started off like a scene from the classic film Planes, Trains and Automobiles, with the drama before the show we were all exhausted from the travel, but that didn’t dampen our night. A great club, a packed out crowd full of house music fans going crazy to main room beats helped pick us up after such a long day of traveling. I would definitely recommend anyone to come here for the sheer beauty of Nice as a stunning destination and also the club that really is a superb place to party. For Canadian DJs looking to get a booking here, do your research first, make the contacts.

Shout Outs: Cyril, David and Europa Rent-a-Car!


Until next week, stay safe and I’ll see you soon in another ‘Main Room’ from round the world.

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