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May 12,2012

On the 13th edition of CDN BEATS: The Next Generation, I am featuring a young Calgary talent.  David Hofmann is NOT 20 years old or younger, but he’s the youngest in the scene only spinning four months! Mad props!

If you or someone you know should be featured in CDN BEATS: TNG, and are 20 (something) please holla at!


Name: David Hofmann

Current City: Calgary

Style:  Breaks

Hi, my name is Brickhouse and I’m addicted to Booty/Dutch breaks!


What’s your favorite part of the industry?

My favourite part of the industry would have to be seeing people react to and appreciate the jams I put out,  never trust a DJ that doesn’t dance!!!


What’s the biggest challenge to you when it comes to making it as a DJ/Producer?

The challenges are minimal, I started putting out and received an abundance of positive feedback right off the hop on a large spectrum of platforms, senior DJs, remixers, producers and dance crowds, I love my selections and so do the people.


Describe your first experience with electronic music?

I was 18, my friend DJ Fluxo brought me to Shambhala Music Festival which in turn put me on to Booty Breaks which then progressed to serious crate diggin’ for highly sought after Florida/Dutch/Booty breaks.


What or who was the inspiration behind your career choice?

My inspiration is rooted from being a competitive b-boy for the greater part of my life, I then decided to explore another element, when I discovered electronic music my tastes moved towards the style of music I play now.


What’s the first track that got your heart pumping?

Stanton Warriors – Feel Good


Who gave you your first gig?

Kryptos Rock booked me, 20-25 people, Quincey’s Lounge, Booty Breaks.


Who do you look up to?

Kryptos Rock of SoundAdvice, Stanton Warriors, The Lipbreakz boys outta Spain, Keith Mackenzie, Xaves & Tato out of Spain.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself playing festivals within Canada and having residencies at bars in my city that promote Underground EDM and continually reppin the SoundAdvice crew


What can people look most forward to when you spin?

High energy danceable tracks.


How have you grown the most since you first started out?

I have grown the most in my ability to make tracks complement each other.


Who is the artist you would like to work with most and why?

GuillermoExpositoLB for sure, his re-rubs are straight fire!


One word to describe my style would be …



What’s your ‘guilty pleasure’ track?

Mugwanti – (Lipbreakz edit) fo sho


If you’re not spinning or producing, where would I find you?

Teaching youth how to breakdance, working my full-time job or travelling, doing live breakdancing performances at festivals on behalf of La Gogue Inc.


What’s your fav gig thus far?

Playing out at Quinceys; great crowd reaction, loads of positive feedback!


Of all the tracks in your collection, which one is your ‘go to’?

Does It Offend You – We Are Rockstars (LipBreakz Re-Edit)


What’s your description of a great producer?



What’s your description of a DJ?

An individual who seamlessly fuses tracks together building tension and release – keep people ground stomping.


How is the scene in your eyes in the moment? Anything you would change?

The scene is only growing! I would like to see more promoters merge their efforts rather than working against each other.


What advice would you give to any other up and coming DJs/producers?

Seek and ye shall find, put in work and it will bear fruit.


How do you think you will stand out in the EDM scene?

Playing breaks that a large spectrum of people can appreciate,  and  get down to.


Check out Brickhouse on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Grab his mix here!




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