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May 10, 2012

Hey guys and welcome back to The Breakdown. It’s been just about a couple weeks since we’ve had a new post and for that I’m truly sorry! I’ve been out of town and run down with the flu. Slowly, but surely, I’ve been getting better … and I’m ready to share some kick ass music with you guys again! Today’s post is quite exciting. I’ll be sharing with you a few new releases that have been having massive success on the Beatport charts currently. We go pretty heavy and hard today! I hope you’re ready!

Let’s start today’s post off with a group of guys by the name of Black Tiger Sex Machine. The BTSM boys, hailing from Montreal, Que., have just released their newest EP, Rhythm Mode, to Beatport on May 1.  This seven-track EP has already been receiving massive support. Right now, their drumstep collaboration, Kill My Soul, with fellow Canadian, Dabin is charting on Beatport at #67 in dubstep and was also sitting at the second hottest track on SoundCloud, just behind Dada Life.

Who is Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine is a Montreal-based DJ/Production outfit composed of three superheroes: Foxed Up, Marx Menace and Wolfcall. On a quest to save the universe from evil with their superpowers of funky sounds and pounding beats, they’ve spent the past year working on tracks and playing alongside other musical talents such as Avicii, Rusko, Wolfgang Gartner, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Porter Robinson and many many more. After gaining exposure on Montreal’s nightlife scene with the massive success of their Kannibalen events at local hotspot Belmont, BTSM have since launched Kannibalen Records, a fresh new label aimed at giving fellow Montreal artists more international exposure. With their continued success, their new label and numerous upcoming releases, it’s no wonder that the force of these superheroes is unstoppable. Be on the lookout for big things in the near future from BTSM! Oh yeah, they perform on four decks and wear custom built tiger helmets. You gotta check out the video below.

Below is the promo mix for their newly released Rhythm Mode EP, taken from Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s SoundCloud. The mix opens with the title track, Rhythm Mode featuring a strong buildup that’s tied together with a nice little vocal sample before it drops into a high energy tune that is guaranteed to have the dance floor jumping. A fat buzzing bassline, solid pounding drums and vocal stabs have me bouncing about in my chair at 5:15 a.m.
Up next in the mix and EP is their wildly successful collabo, Kill My Soul, with Dabin. The track opens with a captivating, melodic synth lead which builds into pure bass madness. Never a dull moment with this tune, there is so much going on. This level of production is something everyone should strive for. They’ve got one low growling/laughing synth in their that completely creeps me the fuck out and I LOVE it.
From here, the mix takes a deeper and darker turn with the boys from BTSM exploring their techno and house influences. Sub Shocka is a simple tune with a very minimal drop. Don’t be fooled … that bass is fat. I love their vocal samples. Very fun! They only give a small taste of Sub Shocka in this mix, so be careful you don’t overlook this gem!
From here on, we’ve got four remixes to round out the EP.
Up first is a moombahton/moombahcore banger from Milo & Otis, that I’ll personally be playing every opportunity I get. For those of you who don’t know, Milo & Otis is the combined efforts of Killagraham and NYMZ,so you know everything they touch is more than likely about to turn to gold. The boys slow it down a bit and give us a straight rave tune! High pitch laser synths shooting off in every which way. Booty shaking music.
Charlie Darker is next on the EP with his take on the title track. I absolutely love this EP and I feel fairly damn comfortable saying this is one of the most enjoyable EPs I have heard in a while. There really is something here for everyone and I love the fact that a couple of the remixers on this album have already been featured on The Breakdown. Anyways, I digress. Back to the music. Charlie gives the original a little extra boost, turning it into a big room heater. Utilizing the sample more than the original through out the build, this one is absolutely delicious. It ended the electro house chart on Beatport Tuesday at #99!
Zimo lends his hand and gives us an electro monster. Heavy bass and synth stabs are sure to keep this one a dance floor favourite. I love the chip tune/8-bit style buildup!
Finally,  we’re gonna slow things down once more with Fellow and his moombahton remix. Fellow takes the track and transforms it with his dark tropical sound, throwing bouncy island percussion and vocal samples over the original bass line. Have a listen to the mix below and then make sure you head to Beatport and pick up a copy now!

As a bonus, check out this free download from BTSM and Dabin, Dark Speakers. This tune has a dark tech feel right up until it drops. A playful, rolling drum beat and a nice laughter-esque vocal sample take you to the first quick build. From there it drops into a fat buzzing bass line. Add a touch of modern talking, bring back that vocal sample and you’ve got a monster of a tune … and it’s free! Check it below! 

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As one of Toronto’s truly breakout acts, The Killabits are quickly becoming a household name in the fast emerging world of electronic music. Having spent much of last year on the road, touring all over North America and Europe, the DJ/producer team continue to evolve their sound and keep their ever growing fan base satisfied.

The Killabits have seen support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Kissy Sell-Out and MistaJam,  sites like, Dubstep.NET and peers in the industry. Last year, they had the opportunity to headline Belgium’s legendary Groove City Festival, they played alongside DJ Craze for the MEG Festival in Montreal and have sold out countless shows coast to coast in North America. They’ve solidified their reputation as an explosive duo to see and have put the rumors to rest. If you’ve never seen these boys yet, you should get on it! They throw down one hell of a set.

Now signed to Figure‘s highly anticipated DOOM label, The Killabits have been hard at work in the studio following their recent top 10 Beatport release (their massive moombahton remix of Jeuce’s, As We Move), two top 20 singles out on Play Me Records (1)(2) and their smash hit collabo with Zeds Dead, Bassmentality, which was named after their legendary Toronto event that has hosted the likes of Nero, Netsky, Skrillex and many more.

The Killabits are at the forefront of engineering the newest sounds in underground electronic music. They have been an inspiration to many young producers out there and set a great example through their tireless work ethic. With their unmatched live sets and more releases set to drop this year than you can imagine,  The Killabits are fast becoming major players in the bass movement.

They’ve just released their We Have A Crisis EP on DOOM and this shit is craaazy! The EP is four tracks long and they touch on a whole multitude of beats; dubstep, dnb, moombahcore and electro house.

They open up their EP with the title track, We Have A Crisis, which is their venture into electro house. Heavy bass, pounding drums and old eerie vocal samples going hard at 130 bpm. This one is guaranteed to get the blood pumping and the feet moving.
Next in the mix is the third track on the EP, Cyborg. This tune is a straight  moombahcore heater. I think it’s safe to say I love every single 108 bpm track The Killabits have ever done. From the time I heard their edit of Raise Your Weapon at WEMF last year, I’ve been dying to get my hands on as much moombah from these boys as I can.  I love the  high pitch synths and growling bass line. They kick that synth up some and push it a bit higher … then it gets real crazy!
Third in the mix is the second track on the EP, Under Attack. Which is the dubstep tune on the EP. They only give you a small taste of it in this mix. The bass line has a mind of it’s own on this one, rising higher and higher. That kick drum is seriously powerful! I love it.
Lastly in the EP mix, they kick up the energy and unleash some dnb on us, with Crash and Burn. High pitch synths with abrupt interruptions of a growling bass line coupled with a fiery drum beat almost guarantee the floor will be slick with sweat once this one has hit your ears. Have a listen to the mix below and then make sure you head to Beatport and pick up a copy now!

To wrap up today’s post, I’ve got a free download from The Killabits. This one is a Dubstep.NET exclusive and has the honor of being the very first track to have a music video debut on Dubstep.NET. Make sure you give that a watch! The Killabits have taken local MC Mart!n McFly’s track, Yo! and turned it into a bassy madhouse. This track reminds me a bit of Figure‘s style, which is quite fitting having been signed to his label.  Aggressive, gangster vocals adds an extra bit of attitude to any dubstep tune. This remix is straight filthy. Altering their drum arrangement every chance they get, The Killabits know how to get the party started and keep it going all night. With over 10,000 plays in it’s very first day on Dubstep.NET and a brand new exclusive video … this is one to get excited about. Grab this free download and wake your neighbourhood! 

BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD: The Killabits went to work with Figure to celebrate being signed to DOOM! Grab it below!

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