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May 7, 2012

Written by  DJ Si Edwards

Intro: When we landed in Lausanne in Switzerland for a show at D! Club, we had two full days off to explore and take in the sights, sounds and local culture. The venue was nestled away in this beautiful city, which is one of the nicest places I’ve ever visited but could the club live up to the beauty that the city beholds? Let’s find out …


Destination/Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Wow what an amazing place! This city has so much to offer, stunning buildings, incredible historical places like the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a beautiful harbour on Lake Geneva surrounded by breathtaking mountains that would remind many west coasters of Vancouver. Add to this it’s super clean streets, great shopping vibe and wicked people, this is a must visit place for anyone touring these parts of Europe. Speaking to the locals, this club is one of the more active venues for bringing EDM artists here, the likes of Roger Sanchez and Steve Aoki have graced the decks, which is great to know we are in the right place.

For more information on the city click HERE


Venue/Club: D! Club

The club reminded me very much of a U.K. style venue, the layout was typical, large DJ booth on the main stage, epic sound and lighting system with a dark moody feel perfect for some messy nights. What I personally loved about the club was not only did we have a giant LED wall behind the DJ booth, but we had four massive projectors with screens hanging all around the club, this was definitely setup for a perfect visual show. It’s always great to walk into a venue and deal with professionals, have no issues with equipment and enjoy the peace of mind that the organizers got everything right on the tech rider.

Visit the D! Club website HERE


Night/Event: Saturday Nights

The crowd was pretty mixed age wise, ranging from 18 to 35 I’d say. It was a nice blend of people that were definitely up for a party. We all know Saturday nights is probably the main and busiest night of any club in most cities and countries around the world. What I liked about what D! Club was doing was putting on a ‘live’ performance by a current singer with a big hit to fill up the club early. It was pretty much a concert venue and was full by 7 p.m., a great idea to bring the masses to party until 4 a.m. (Those who stayed throughout would of partied for nine hours straight!)


Resident DJs/Acts:  Aloe Blacc, Taboo (Black Eyed Peas)

The pre-show had a live performance from singer Aloe Blacc, who’s smash hit I Need a Dollar helped fill the club early, so that kick started the night great. By the time we took to the stage the place was on fire. The intro blew the roof off the place as Taboo kicked off with a banging remix of Boom Boom Pow, from then on, it was a one way ticket to smashville! Epic night.

Remix of Aloe Blacc HERE

Tour Bug: Each week I bring up something that has bugged me while on tour. It’s very rare I ever say bad things about DJs on my blog, I try to always keep my articles positive, but sometimes something happens and I just have to speak up. I won’t name and shame the Swiss DJ on here, it’s not my style, but note to all DJs, before your main guest/headliner is due to start, do not try to out do them with all the big tunes, especially don’t play a track by the artist who’s about to perform. Would you play a Swedish House Mafia track if you was warming up for them? I hope not. I have to stress, this DJ was NOT a resident of D! Club, he was just a warmup guest DJ. So to end on a positive note, the Resident DJ of D! Club, Julien was superb, he’s a true professional, knows his equipment, knows his music and was great to work with during this event.


The crowd was predominately a house crowd, but a few cheeky big hip hop classics like the Dubbed Out remix of  Dead Prez … Bigger Than Hip Hop went down a treat for the few urban fans in attendance. What you find in many of these European countries or smaller regional towns and cities, is they like the house slightly harder. If you think of old tunes like Darude’s Sandstorm, the people here were brought up on that sound, so these days R3hab style remixes and those dirty Afrojack tracks tend to work better, so we had a night of some big dutch style basslines.


Stand Out Moment: I may be biased here, but my video set really stood out on this night, due to the presence of screens all around the place you couldn’t miss the visuals. What I liked so much though, to make it a stand out moment, was the look on people’s faces as I mixed video samples from films like Blade as Taboo dropped a remix of the Operation Blade tune, a classic Euro anthem. I had so many comments from people on the visuals that it was great to have a crowd blown away by my style of Video mixing. Thanks to everyone for the support!

Final Thought: As you can tell by my earlier comments, I love this city, everything about the place is wonderful. Add to that a great club and a wicked night, plus loads of great comments on my video show, then all I can say on this week’s final thought, in a word, is,  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! It was that good!

Shout Outs: Cyril, Francios and Julien


Until next week, stay safe and I’ll see you soon in another ‘Main Room’ from round the world.

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