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April 26, 2011

Thursday is here and it’s time for The Breakdown! It’s also time for me to hit the road and start heading west for the Elements Music Festival! Who’s going?! Anyways, the last two (1)(2) weeks I’ve been bringing you nothing but tunes from my inbox … and I’m going to continue with that theme again this week! There’s just so much talent in Canada that needs to be brought further into the light! Today we’ve got a multitude of genres spanning from massive house tunes, to dirty bass-filled dubstep to sexy moombahton and everything in between! I’m showcasing three different artists today; Paul David, Charlie Darker and Tantric Decks … and I’ve gotta say … this is definitely the biggest post yet. All of these tracks are absolutely massive and there is definitely something for everyone! ENJOY!

First up is Paul David, who currently resides in Toronto, Ont.  Being born in Scotland and emigrating to Windsor, Ont. had certain advantages for Paul. Windsor has the unique feature of being situated just two minutes by car from Detroit, Mich., the city where one of electronic music’s most important movements began and the sounds of techno music being broadcast from Detroit radio stations were easily received by those who lived in Windsor. Meanwhile, Paul‘s cousin back in Scotland was sending him a steady stream of mixtapes via airmail of the UK underground music scene.

2011 was a great year for Producer/DJ and Burner Records co-founder, Paul David. With releases on Cr2/Dirty Dutch, Pukka Up and his own Burner Records, Paul‘s remixes and original productions have turned heads in the global dance music scene, receiving enthusiastic support from world-renowned DJ’s like Chuckie, Sebastian Ingrosso, Sander Kleinenberg, Markus Shulz and BBC Radio 1‘s Kissy Sell Out. 2012 promises to be an even bigger year for Paul David. With the recent release of his highly anticipated Fizion EP, which was released on Burner Records on April 5, Paul shows what a diverse producer he is and that he’s definitely here to stay!

Below we’ve got  Paul‘s Fizion EP for you guys to have a listen to! As well as a couple of other free downloads from his SoundCloud. I’ll highlight my two favorite tracks from the EP – and the other three you guys can go explore for yourself! Be sure to head over to Beatport and pick up a copy! My two favorite tracks on this EP would have to be Golden and All of a Sudden.
This EP is HUGE!  It peaked at #7 on the Beatport House Charts and cracked the Top 50 overall! Well done, Paul!

Golden is a feel-good progressive house gem with high energy, powerful big room synths and a fat buzzing bass line. In my mind, I get the mental image of a festival crowd bouncing around in the sunlight. This one is absolutely perfect for this time of the year. It’s #3 on the EP and definitely worth your time and $1.99! I’m really diggin’ the gate effect he threw in at the end of the build.

All of a Sudden is full of crazy energy. The preview begins with a strong synth based build up tied together by a super enjoyable vocal sample before the drop. The inital drop on this track is easily enough to get me bouncing around in my seat, with it’s big room style synths, but Paul kicks this track into high gear with a very brief vocal build up mid-track and an even stronger following drop. High-pitch synths stabbing through your speakers + pumping bass + some fast-paced vocals = guaranteed floor shaker. This one is probably my favorite on the entire EP. Check out the entire thing below and head over to Beatport and grab a copy today!


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On to some freebies! Both of these next two tracks are moombahton heaters from Paul David!

The first, Fire Coast (freebie), is a venture into the heavier side of the genre. The track opens with a simple, yet effective, hollow sounding drum beat. Before the first drop we get a short break  filled with some type of a horn sound, some vocal cuts and a simple back and forth echoing riff. The first drop on this track consists of some high-pitched rising synths as well as vocal sampling. Suddenly you’re met with another short break and then the track really takes off with a fat buzzing bass line accompanied by a flurry of electro sounds and a touch of growling synth. Those high-pitch rising synths make a return to take it a bit further. Paul David worked magic on this one.

The second, Gangstaa, (also a freebie), is the combined efforts of Paul and fellow Canadian, DJ Barletta. They’ve gone and created a truly sexy piece of music. Paul David is a master of vocal cuts and sampling. Perfectly utilizing the vocals in this track, it adds that much more to the production. Everyone loves a clever vocal sample and this track is full of them. From references to weed-smoking, platinum chains and being a gangsta – the floor will go crazy for this one. Gangstaa is definitely more to the traditional side of moombahton with it’s high-pitched bubbling synth. The bass line is also buzzin’ on this one and the sporadic rising big room synths are a staple once again in this track. It’s hard to not bounce back and forth in my chair!

If you live in Toronto and find yourself without plans in a couple Saturdays (May 5, 2012) … catch Paul David at The Mod Club! Details here!
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Sticking with the moombahton and moombahcore vibes for a couple tracks … I’d like to bring forward Charlie Darker.

Charlie Darker, the musical alias of 19-year-old DJ/producer Evan Blair, is a product of the recent explosion of EDM in North America. Born in Toronto, Ont., the young producer spent his early years playing various instruments in numerous bands, but eventually traded in the guitar and drums for a MacBook and Ableton. A talented musician with an ear for unique hooks, Charlie Darker found himself fluctuating between the sounds of big room house, dubstep and electro, yet he finds comfort in this diversity.

“With my music, I just try to be progressing my sound at a fast enough rate that I can never get tagged as any one thing,” he says. “I try to draw influence from a wide enough range of artists – that I never end up being an imitation of someone else.”

Currently based in Montreal, Que., Charlie has begun to take his talents from the studio to the club, conquering legendary EDM venues across Canada. His DJ sets, a diverse clash of high-energy electro, dubstep and big room, have gained him valuable recognition as a rising star in the Canadian EDM scene. This reputation has allowed him to share the stage with renowned artists such as Wolfgang Gartner, Zedd, LA Riots, Mord Fustang and Peace Treaty. 2012 is set to be a promising year for Charlie Darker, with tracks already cracking the top five on the HypeMachine charts, and new original tracks, collaborations, and remixes on the way.

Released by Mad Decent on March 20, Charlie‘s remix of Diplo and Don Diablo’s Make You Pop is a sexy booty shaker with fat ass bass. The track opens with a simple and catchy drum beat and some vocal sampling. Around halfway through the opening, we get a super long synth lead which continues to rise until the end of the build-up. Accompanied by the ‘make you pop’ vocal sample, the build is sure to get the floor ready to jump. The track drops into a big fat grinding madhouse of bass. Full of well-timed stops, vocal cuts and quick rising action in the bass line – making this an extremely enjoyable ride the entire way through. Have a listen to the track below and then head over to Beatport and pick up a copy today!

Deadroll is another moombahcore masterpiece with a heavy electro influence. Much like Charlie‘s Make You Pop remix, Deadroll has a fat buzzing bass line. The buzzing gets going right from the start, met with a rolling synth line and a strong kick drum, the build starts to rise and peaks into a flurry of bass and electro. Horns, lazers and modern talking – oh my! The vocal sample adds a nice touch. This track is absolutely sick. Oh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned the good news that it’s a free download. Check it out below. This is one you’ll definitely want to add to your collection.

Lastly, from Charlie, is a sick bass filled dubstep tune with some hip-hop vocals spit over top by a guy named Dante Leon. The track opens with a catchy piano line, then the low, dirty wobbles and hype vocals hit you. Initially, this track is super chill. It’s got me swaying back and forth, then the first break ends – the vocals get a bit of added attitude and you’re hit with some absolutely huge bass growling. You’re quickly back on the chill bit again before Charlie kicks it up once more and takes you to the end. FREE DOWNLOAD!

Keep your eyes peeled for Charlie Darker‘s upcoming release on Cold Blank‘s Burn The Fire in July! He’s also got a debut EP coming soon, but it’s hush hush for now. GET EXCITED! Charlie is on a production rampage lately – showing no signs of letting up.

If you live in Montreal and find yourself without plans this Saturday night (April 28) … catch Charlie Darker spinning at Cabaret Underworld! RSVP on Facebook here!
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To wrap up this week’s post, we’ve got Tantric Decks and his recent Thrive While Alive EP which was released by Breakz R Boss on March 30.

Tantric Decks has been ravishing dance floors with energy, passion and party rocking basslines for 10 years. He has performed at countless club nights, residencies, parties and music festivals. He has also been on the production crew for several all night parties and music festivals, too many to name. He has released over 30 original tracks and remixes (under his two aliases) on record labels from Canada, USA, Sweden, Romania and the U.K. His tracks have received praise and support from superstars such as Far Too Loud, Lazy Rich, Reid Speed, Bassnectar, Subvert, Knight Riderz, Samples, Soulfix/Dirty Politics, Jay Cunning and Yuhei Kubo. His remix of Bittersweet Symphony was even used in an indie film in a film festival in San Francisco. Tantric Decks‘ hard hitting drums, thrashing basslines and clever edits will keep him a household name for years to come!

This EP is four tracks long and stuffed to the brim with bass … touching on dubstep, glitch hop and breaks. This is only Tantric Decks second EP to hit Beatport – and it’s fairly evident that his career is far from being over. Below I’ve provided you with the EP mix from his SoundCloud page. My favorites from the EP would have to be Tonight Let’s Live It Up and Swing Of The Century. I’ll share with you guys a bit on those two and you guys can check out the other two with a fresh mind. Be sure to head over to Beatport and pick up a copy of the EP!

Tonight Let’s Live It Up is the second track in the preview below and begins with a heavy metal guitar riff and the extremely well-known lyrics from I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas over top of a fast paced, build-up drum beat. Chopping and rearranging the vocals in the build before the drop… you’re hit with big fat grungy bass among 8-bit sounds. The guitar makes a return and works sooo perfectly over top of that bass. Another clever vocal sample just before another guitar breakdown is all you get in this EP preview. Head over to Beatport to pick up a copy and hear more!

Swing Of The Century comes right after Tonight Let’s Live It Up in this EP preview. It starts as a quick build with some lightly glitched out bass before going full blown on you with a touch modern talking,  heavy synth lines and some soft saxophone in behind it all. Hard hitting drums and a sweet, sultry saxophone bit close out this preview. As with the previous track … head over to Beatport to grab a copy and hear more!

If you live in Victora, B.C. and want to catch Tantric Decks spinnin’ some tunes … check him out May 25 at Nocturnal 5.1! RSVP on Facebook here!
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