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March 29, 2012

Welcome back!!! Today we’re going straight electro-house crazy! Today’s post is packed full of FREE DOWNLOADS from OVERWERK, hailing from London, Ont. There’s seven free downloads for ya’ll today – and I guarantee you’re gonna love each and every one. OVERWERK has been generous enough to give this all out for free, even though you can purchase it on Beatport here. Nice guy? I’d definitely say so.
Below, I’ve only got streaming players of each track. You’ll have to head to his website here to get the FREE DOWNLOADS! Click on Buy Now once you’ve landed on the site. You can enter any amount you want, but you must enter something. If you want it for free, simply enter 0 (zero). If you want to be a kind soul and donate a little bit, you also have that option. :) Enter your email and a postal/ZIP code and your EP download will be in your email inbox shortly.

Edmond Huszar is OVERWERK. The 22-year old producer and songwriter from who first introduced himself to the world of electro with the release of his debut EP “The Nth °“, on Nov. 30, 2011 to Paradigm Records. The name OVERWERK originates from Edmond’s first passion, graphic design. Originally the name of a work-in-progress graphic design portfolio entitled “over worked”, Edmond decided to adapt the name to his creative identity and changed “work” to “werk” as a homage to electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. Edmond’s debut EP “The Nth °” represents the culmination of late nights and tireless efforts. With the utmost devotion to music lovers, he promises to leave fans and first-time listeners with their feet in the air, and jaws on the floor.

The opening track on this EP, The Nth °, is the perfect mixture of ambience and madness. Sampling the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind (SEE VIDEO HERE IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE MOVIE), the intro instantly has me smiling and enjoying myself. About halfway through the track, we get a massive build up of leading synths accompanied by some dirty bass growling, reminding me slightly of Feed Me, right before the track takes off. From here on out, you’re at the mercy of some great dirty electro-house … synth lines and a touch of modern talking.

The second track, Alive, is another electro-house gem. This one goes a little bit on the funkier feeling side. Heavy bass and playful synth stabs take us into the first break where we’re met by Big Room styled synths. The additional piano break before the drop helps to create the funky mood … making this is one of my favorite tunes on the EP. Have I mentioned that it’s a free EP?

Odyssey, starts out again with ambience and bass, with some rather bizarre vocal sampling. However, I quite enjoy it and it stays a consistent part of the track the entire time. This track is full of energy – and is definitely another favorite from the EP, utilizing sounds that bring the Cazzette remix of David Guetta’s Titanium to mind (SEE HERE FOR EXAMPLE). Met in the middle again with Big Room synths – the energy continues to increase throughout this track until the end.

Buzzin, has me doing just that from the time it begins to the time it ends. The vocal sample used right before the drop is excellent. The speakers be buzzing! I’m instantly reminded me of Wolfgang Gartner in the beginning of this track, but that slowly fades away to, “Wow. OVERWERK is God damn sick.” More Big Room synths in the build up, which seem to be a staple of his for this EP – and they’re flawless. Highly effective vocal sampling take this track to The Nth ° of playfulness.

Paradigm ft. Nick Nikon is the only track on the EP with true vocals to it and I really really love them. Dirty bass and a high-pitched synth are key factors of this track. The only thing I can complain about with this track is … I wish the vocals in the second break were a little louder over the synths. I feel like they were a little overpowering, but that’s just my opinion! They’re really nice vocals and I wish they were a little stronger. :)

The last track on the EP is titled, Contact, and is also characterized by a strong ambient opening. I really enjoy the spacey concept of the album. This one makes me think of older Felguk with a little added modern talking. It’s very clear that OVERWERK has a wide range of influences – it really stands out in his own productions and seperates him from the rest.

BONUS! OVERWERK‘s remix of Hyper Crush’s Werk Me. I love this remix. Up until now, my favorite mix of this track was the Benzi and Dstar Remix, but this one takes the cake. Funky fat bassline, playful vocals and the high-pitched Knife Party-esque style of electro-house we’ve been seeing and hearing more of. This is also a free download so don’t sleep on it! This one you can download from the player you’re listening to, no need to venture off elsewhere to find it.

That’s everything I’ve got for you today!

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You’ve got a ton of tunes to enjoy over the weekend! Don’t forget to head here for that free EP download! Also … if you know some Canadian talent that you think deserves to be featured on The BreakdownLET US KNOW by contacting thebreakdown(at)djmag(dot)caLet your friends know!

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See you next time!

P.S. I finished my new Moombahton mix this week. Have a listen and download a copy if you dig it. 13 tunes in 40 minutes. The tracklisting is available on my SoundCloud!





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