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March 26, 2012

Welcome back to the 16th edition of The Breakdown. I’m still feelin’ some summery tunes – so today I’ve got some progressive house bits that everyone will love! For those of you who were lucky enough to attend MMW – I trust you all had an amazing time … sound off in the comments below! For those, like me, who didn’t make it to Miami this year – don’t feel bad! Just under a month’s time until Elements Music Festival hits Edmonton! Check out the write-up in another blog called, Festival Fever! Now – let’s get on with today’s post!

Julian Dzeko & Luis Torres are two of the most talented names circulating on the house music scene today. The young duo is quickly on the rise, having already gathered support from artists like Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Chuckie, Michael Woods and more. Residing out of Toronto, the two look set for international prominence as they aim to leave their mark for years to come. They started their career in 2009 and their accolades have led to numerous DJ gigs in and around Ontario, making them a hometown favourite with promoters and fans. Their first Beatport release came via Mark MendesStarter Records, and became a staple at local clubs and radio shows.  The duo let no time waste and were back into the studio ASAP. Since then they’ve seen eight releases to Beatport as well as numerous uploads to their SoundCloud.

They’re currently working on several original releases as well as many collaborations with respected artists. Along with their current work, Dzeko & Torres have upcoming releases on CR2, Joia Records and Dim Mak. Having found a sound that works for them, these two youngsters look prepared and ready to become a staple in the electronic music world.

Below I’ve got two free downloads and a preview of their newest Beatport release! Check them all out – you definitely will want to add all these to your collection! :)

First up, Julian & Luis went to work with fellow Canadian DJ Fero. The track opens up with a simple 64-count drum beat leading into the break where we get our first taste of the very catchy and well-known lyrics from The Wanted.  The vocals add an extra dimension to 2Night from Eric Prydz – working perfectly and sounding as if they belonged their the whole time. The echoing of the vocals over top of the strong piano makes me wanna jump around!  This one has already been downloaded 700 times in a couple weeks and definitely shows no sign of slowing down. This is definitely the perfect track to get your summer jumped off right!

Next, the boys have worked up a fun little bootleg that sounds like it is built solely for destroying festivals in the sunlight! The synth used in this track just has me picturing a massive crowd of smiling faces with their hands in the air jumping around. I don’t know much about Of Monsters and Men, but the vocalist reminds me of Tegan & Sara … soft sounding and beautiful. This is one hell of a feel good track and has been making plenty of people feel good for the past month it has been on SoundCloud … downloaded a whopping 7000 times.

To finish up today’s post, I’ve got their newest Beatport release here for you guys. This track goes a different route then the last two I’ve shared with you today, but it still has their signature progressive house feel to it. I feel like this track is something that Laidback Luke would really be into. I could definitely see this one being on his label. Out on Bazooka Records this year, this one is a straight club killer with more of a dutch house feeling to it than anything. EVERYBODY IN THE CLUB, WHOOP! This one is sick, get in on it and support on Beatport.

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