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March 8, 2012

Eleven – my favorite number! Welcome back! The last few posts I’ve been bringing you some talent on a more local level – make sure you check them out if you haven’t – but this past week I’ve been a little busier with school, so today I’ve got a bunch of free downloads and new releases and previews and such from some of the biggest Canadian producers. There’s a bunch for you guys to listen to. I figured I’d make a bigger post since it’s right before the weekend – a round-up of new Canadian music, if you will. Let’s go!

Up first, Toronto boys, Zeds Dead. Short, but sweet – this tune is packed with crunchy basslines and soothing vocals – paired together quite nicely if you ask me. I can’t say for certain whether this is the full version or not, but somehow I have a feeling it isn’t. I hope it isn’t!  I, for one, would love to have a longer copy! Full or not, Annie Mac is giving this one away for free courtesy of her SoundCloud. Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD and let it take you away!

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Okay, so actually there’s a lot of Dubstep coming out of Toronto right now. Strap in, because I’ve got two more massive FREE DOWNLOADS from Toronto talent.

The Killabits, with a new heater exclusive to UKF Dubstep. Some calm vocals into a synth line sounding a bit to me like Daft Punk leading you into a drop that is out of this world. Have a listen to the preview below and then head over to their Facebook for the FULL FREE DOWNLOAD!

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This next guy, I don’t really know too much about. I actually just heard of him yesterday after scanning the Facebook wall of The Killabits. He goes by Warrior Music and he’s released a new FREE tune exclusive to He’s remixed a song from Halo – and turned it into something that can only be described as beautiful madness! I love the samples he’s used! He kicks it up right at the end which takes it to another level! Get it!

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Sydney Blu released a new EP to Beatport last week titled XFactor on Zenbi Recordings. The EP is three tracks long – two House beats and one crazy ass Electro House remix! Check them out below and make sure to purchase the EP on Beatport and go support the release here! Which is your favorite? Mine is the Original Mix! :)

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Out just the other day, Felix Cartal‘s new tune is simply amazing. An infectious beat, some nice piano chords and beautiful vocals from Miss Palmer (the same girl who did the vocals on No Beef for Steve Aoki)… great build-up, great drop… everything about this track is awesome and I can’t stop playing it! :) I’m fairly certain you’ll feel the same! Released by Dim Mak Records and available for purchase now on iTunes – go support the release here! But first, enjoy the masterpiece below!

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Out on April 3rd on Adam K‘s label, Hotbox Digital, DVAS – Questions. With remixes by Adam K, Enton Mushi, and James Bradshaw. Preview the banging remix done by Adam K below. Electro House perfection.

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That’s all I’ve got for today! Don’t forget… if you know some Canadian talent that you think deserves to be featured on The Breakdown, LET US KNOW by contacting thebreakdown(at)djmag(dot)ca!

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