DJSlinn 4 years ago

February 19, 2012

Welcome to the second installment of The Drop. I’m really stoked this week to bring you guys some songs that I have fallen in love with over the last little while. Today Im going to be covering a little bit of some chill stuff, some electro and Ill be ending it off with some reggae-type awesomeness! Oh, and when listening, remember to wait for the drop!

Wouter “Wally” De Backer or better known as Gotye, a Belgian-Australian singer-songwriter, seems to be gaining more and more popularity with every passing day. I came across the Dan Aux remix of Somebody That I Used To Know a couple months ago unaware of the original song and since then the original has exploded. Just recently the music video premiered on Canada’s Much Music TV station. Im usually not one for maintstream music but Gotye’s vocals are just something else. There is so much passion in the vocals and meaning to the lyrics. You cant go wrong when you have both of those elements.

Dan Aux’s remix really preserves the originality of the song but if youre looking for a more dancy remix of this song then I recommend the StanV Touch Remix or The Slips Remix for a more electro feel. If youre a DJ like myself it’s always good to have multiple versions for different feels and crowds!

Azealia Banks is an up and coming 20 year old from Harlem, NYC. She recently collaborated with Major Lazer on the track Can’t Stop Now and recently released a track by the name of 212, a hip-hop inspired electro feel-good experience.. This single is to be included on her debut album, also called ‘212’. Azealia’s vocals remind me of Nicki Minaj. Her attitude is so raw and her flow is just somethin else. Tommie Sunshine and Disco Fries collaborated to come up with this remix to add a little bit more of an electro feel. Also, check out Ambiguous (Disco Fries Remix) by Clinton Sparks ft. Mike Posner & Big Sean. It’s an older track but a personal favorite.

Major Lazer has been in the music scene for quite some time now with hits such as Hold Yuh, Percolator, Bruk Out and the song that (in my opinion anways) was their claim-to-fame – Pon De Floor. This next song is unlike anything I have heard them produce to date. It goes by the name of Original Don. When this song drops it has such a punch to it! When you play this song on loud speakers with a good sub it just feels soooo good! Then when the second drop comes along you get this super fun melody made by this synth that sounds like a mixture between some sort of saxophone and a kazoo lol. I LOVE IT!!! Turn up the bass on this one and enjoy!

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