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February 13th, 2012

Stereotronique, the duo with the flashy ties and banging beats, just wrapped up a couple shows in Alberta – first playing in their hometown of Calgary opening for Benny Benassi and Sander van Doorn as well as making an appearance in Banff! On Thursday’s post, I’ll have some video footage from Stereotronique of their shows mentioned above!

Kevin O’Brien and Lane Theriault, originally from Calgary, Alberta, now living in Toronto, Ontario – have made leaps and bounds in the last year, with 3 remixes and 2 EPs reaching beatport. Check all of their beatport releases here! To sweeten the deal, their remix of Adrian Lux’s “Teenage Crime,” recently hit #2 on the Hype Machine charts and has been downloaded over 2000 times on SoundCloud in just under a month. They have just under a dozen remixes on their SoundCloud for free download, so make sure you check those out! Instead of working on stuff for sale – lately they’ve been putting out nothing but free content that they can get out to as many people as possible!

They released their Respond EP in late September of 2011, which features 3 Original Mixes and 2 Dub Mixes. Out on Orphan Music, this album is filled with beautiful synths and crunky bass lines. My favorite on the album being the first track, Here We Go. What’s yours?
Check ’em all out on the beatport Player below – then show them some support and love!


Go to Get These Tracks Add This Player


Next I’ve got THREE FREE DOWNLOADS for you guys… and that barely even touches the surface of what they’ve got available on their SoundCloud. All are definitely worth your time and absolute must haves for any Electro fan! Their tracks on SoundCloud, with the exception of their Teenage Crime Remix, are virtually untapped – it just baffles me. They’ve also got a monthly Podcast series, each episode lasting an hour long – and will blow your socks off.

These are 3 of my favorites – and the others are equally as smashing! GO GET THEM!

NERVO – We’re All No One (Stereotronique Remix)

David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (Stereotronique Remix)

Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Stereotronique Remix)

Don’t you just love their clever use of vocal sampling?! Perfect every time.

The future of Stereotronique consists of counless remixes to finish and release. They’ve set quite a pace for themselves lately, hopefully it continues! Keep an eye on their SoundCloud. I feel as though I can’t stress this enough! As for live shows and appearances, they’ll be making their way to L.A., as well as other parts of the West coast soon – with plans for N.Y.C. included. Keep your ears open!

“The LEDs are only going to be getting better!”

Check out Stereotronique on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget about their SoundCloud!

That’s it for me today guys. See you here on Thursday! I’ll have some footage from Stereotronique as well as more awesome new music for you guys to check out!

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