Insomniac generated more cash in the past 5 years than some countries

vshariati July 31, 2015 News

A new report conducted by Beacon Economics found that Insomniac has raked in $3.17 billion for the American economy. The study looked at the economic impact of the company’s 48 festivals from 2010 to 2014. According to Beacon, 3.39 million people flocked to…

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MTV will start shooting in Ibiza despite protest

julienr July 31, 2015 News

Ibiza Shore filming will start in few weeks, despite protests Mixmag reports. Ibiza locals  have tried their best to stop it, including a petition that gathered 10,000 signatures. Politicians and businessmen have also voiced their opposition, but MTV will film nonetheless. Ibiza, you are in our…

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‘Instagram King’ Dan Bilzerian drops $650k on VIP wristband for Electric zoo

vshariati July 31, 2015 News

Professional poker player and Instagram’s Playboy King Dan Bilzerian has spent $654,400 on the ultimate VIP experience at New York’s Electric Zoo. With the money, the music festival will build a lavish deck that will hold up to 200 of the 2016 presidential hopeful‘s guests. This may be…

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Disco Boy is back, bringing his one man rave to UK truck drivers [video]

julienr July 31, 2015 News

Disco Boy recently took it upon himself to bring his one man rave to entertain truck drivers in the UK. The half-naked dance enthusiast brought his turntable setup down to busy roadways to help spice up the lives of these…

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Canada will welcome Kylie Jenner to get drunk at a Montreal club for her 18th birthday

vshariati July 31, 2015 News

Kylie Jenner is heading up to Quebec to drink legally for her 18th birthday party. The youngest of America’s most obnoxious family will be poppin’ bottles at Olivier Primeau’s Beachclub, located half an hour away from downtown Montreal, on August 16. She will be…

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Skrillex’s response to this TMZ paparazzo is perfect [video]

julienr July 31, 2015 News

A TMZ cameraman trying to interview Skrillex prompted the perfect response from the DJ: he turns the camera around and interviews the paparazzo. Sonny asks him what he wants to do with his life and tells him to follow his…

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The Snapchat towel is the perfect summer accessory

julienr July 30, 2015 News, Tech

Take the friendly Snapchat ghost with you everywhere, especially to the beach, with this big yellow towel. The popular messaging app is branching out in other directions besides its proposed record company with this comfy thing. All traditional elements from…

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Get DJ lessons at your villa in Ibiza — if you have the cash

Gigen Mammoser July 30, 2015 News

For the world traveller that has everything, except knowing how to hit the 1s and 2s, there’s now a perfect getaway opportunity for you with DJ lessons at your villa in Ibiza. In between mojitos and skinny dipping in the…

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Tomorrowland’s closing ceremony was hilariously tacky [video]

vshariati July 30, 2015

With all the other gimmicks going on at Tomorrowland, like David Guetta’s nursery rhyme shenanigans, or Steve Aoki putting a drop on the Titanic theme, it might be easy to overlook how strange the closing ceremony was. The curtains came down…

Watch: Huxley & J. Phlip LIVE from DJ Mag HQ

Gigen Mammoser June 25, 2015

UK DJ Huxley, aka Michael Dodman, has been earning respect for years as an underground DJ and is poised for even bigger things now. He’s released tracks for a bevy of great lables, such as Tsuba, Morris Audio, Fear of Flying, Hypercolour…

DJ Mag Game Changers: The Jungle Brothers ‘I’ll House You’

Gigen Mammoser May 4, 2015

DJ Mag’s series Game Changers details single tracks that forever changed the development of dance music.   The Jungle Brothers can probably be cited as the first real cross-genre pollination between house music and hip-hop. When they added rap lyrics…

DJ Mag Insider: What is the greatest dance track of all time?

Gigen Mammoser April 22, 2015

In the most recent segment of DJ Mag Insider, our affiliates in the UK asked some high-profile DJs one of the hardest questions they could think of: What is the greatest dance track of all time? Check out the full…

Watch: DJ Mag presents the three hottest clubs in Brazil from our Top 100

Gigen Mammoser April 6, 2015

Want to know what it takes to make our list of The Top 100 Clubs, then look no further than Brazil. The country is making a name for itself as a premier location for tourism with a continually growing dance…



Review: D-Unity — ‘One More Chance’ EP

Gigen Mammoser June 30, 2015

Canadian based Tribal/Techno master D-Unity’s belief in quality music has led him to a consolidated position as one of the world’s most prolific and acclaimed producers in the electronic music dance scene. This time around, he’s kicking off summer with a…

Check out Armin Van Buuren’s Game of Thrones remix

julienr June 9, 2015

Every week, Armin Van Buuren debuts new music on his radio show A State of Trance. Last week was particularly exciting for Game of Thrones fans because he debuted his own remix of the theme by Ramin Djawadi It is…

Review: Julian Jeweil — ‘Django’ (JUSTIN JAMES REMIX)

Gigen Mammoser June 2, 2015

Julian Jeweil is set to release his newest EP, Meteorite, June 1 on Form Music. With three originals and two remixes — this EP will take you deep into a techno vortex. Justin James takes on one of the remixes for “Django”…

Review: Hunter Siegel — ‘Still Waiting’ feat. Delaney Jane

oliviac May 27, 2015

Toronto-native Hunter Siegel has been killing it this year. With unique projects such as “Dark PLUR” and “No Neon,” Siegel has been going against the norm in the dance music scene. He recently dropped a number of remixes and has now…

10 songs to get hyped for Ever After Music Festival

Gigen Mammoser May 22, 2015

The inaugural Ever After Music Festival will be kicking off in Kitchener, Ontario on May 30-31 and it is going to be big. Really big. The two day electronic music festival will feature two stages and  over 20 DJs — both…



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