Book tells the story of the rebirth of vinyl records

Roz Keefe November 28, 2014 News

Throughout their history, vinyl records have seen some ups and downs. With the development of CDs, and later MP3 players, records were pushed into near obscurity. But recent years have marked a new boon era for the analogue format, with…

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Exclusive: Bob Sinclar at ALÉA: ‘David Guetta was one of the guys who brought dance music back in the US’

DJ Mag Canada Staff November 28, 2014 Features

DJ Mag Canada had the chance to sit down with Bob Sinclar while he was in Ottawa-Gatineau for part of ALÉA’s opening series. ALÉA is a new high-end club that caters to those who know their music and like their…

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Diplo and Skrillex ‘Take Ü There’ with Kiesza in new Jack Ü video

Mason McDiarmid November 28, 2014 News

Jack Ü, the super group duo made up of Skrillex and Diplo, have released their first music video. It’s for the debut single “Take Ü There,” featuring vocals from none other than Canadian singer Kiesza who’s best know for her crossover…

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This 70-year-old grandmother is a bigger techno fan than you are

Roz Keefe November 28, 2014 News

This granny has probably gone to more electronic music festivals than you. Grandma Techno, whose real name is Patricia Lay-Dorsey, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998, but that hasn’t stopped her from raging later in life. The first festival…

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Techno legend Kevin Saunderson samples a car factory

Roz Keefe November 28, 2014 News

Kevin Saunderson, one of the founding fathers of Detroit techno, has recently relocated back to the Motor City after spending two years in Chicago – but he hasn’t missed a beat. After returning to the city that spawned American techno…

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Axwell Λ Ingrosso tease another new track

Roz Keefe November 28, 2014 News

A new single called ‘Something New’ produced by two thirds of the Swedish House Mafia – Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell – has been showcased on the new Beats By Dr Dre campaign. The promo advert for Beats includes the Swedish…

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What genre of dance music are you? This quiz has the answer

Patrick Voisin November 27, 2014 News

If you were a genre of dance music, which one would you be? Ministry Of Sound, the popular club and brand out of the UK, has created a quiz to help you figure out the answer to just that, one…

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1 member of DVBBS arrested on tour

Patrick Voisin November 27, 2014 News

Looks like the DVBBS brothers have taken the advice from their own new single and are getting high like a “Pyramid,” but unfortunately for member Christopher Robert Van Def Hoef, in some places there are laws against that. While the…

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Heineken Inside the Green Room: The Creative

Adhish Bhargava November 25, 2014

Lending creativity and interpretation to the Heineken brand, visual and performing arts were a very important element to the Green Room series. Showcasing artistic discipline both on and off stage, teams from across the country brought the music to life.

Heineken Inside The Green Room: The Idea

Adhish Bhargava November 19, 2014

The Green Room was developed through the collective work of the brand and partner agencies. Watch as we follow the concept through the people and ideas that created this program.

Heineken Inside The Green Room: Wrongbar

James Ankrah November 12, 2014

Wrongbar was the first Canadian club many of the world’s most accomplished DJs started in and here is the team that helped to kick start those careers.

Heineken Inside The Green Room: Coda

Adhish Bhargava November 5, 2014

Watch the great Toronto techno brand develop and the hard work of Stephan Philion and Joel Smye evolve to become Coda.

Heineken Inside the Green Room: Taktics

Adhish Bhargava October 28, 2014

Originally a drummer from small town Alberta, Taktics began DJing after a skateboarding accident that he’d thought had ended his music career entirely. Now on the turntables, his punk-rock influenced, bass-heavy sound has shaped him as one of Calgary’s most…



Marco V – ‘Nashoba’

Patrick Voisin November 25, 2014

Electronic music legend Marco V’s forthcoming single “Nashoba” is a high-energy release that’s sure to send any club into a frenzy, but not for the reasons you might expect. The original mix clocks in at a 128 beats per minute…

Chrispy – ‘Knockout’ EP

Gigen Mammoser November 20, 2014

Chrispy AKA Chris Snape, a UK dubstep producer still relatively unknown in North America, dropped his Knockout EP this month and it hits like Mike Tyson’s punchout. The three-track album is a raucous, bouncing mix of bass-heavy wobble with melodic…

RL Grime pushes trap’s evolution on debut studio album

Mason McDiarmid November 18, 2014

Los Angeles, Calif.,-based trap and bass producer RL Grime just released his debut studio album Void, raining tidal waves of bass, haunting melodies, genre-crossing instrumentals, and some big collaborations. The producer born Henry Steinway has been releasing music as RL Grime (and…

Exclusive Premiere: Keith Worthy’s ‘Jazz’ is how Detroit techno should sound

DJ Mag Canada Staff November 17, 2014

Supposing, like the title of his forthcoming LP suggests, Keith Worthy is paying The Price of Nonconformance, then we’re selfishly pleased that he is – that is, if his new 14-track release is the result of such sacrifice. Nonconformance is a…

The M Machine – ‘Just Like’ EP

Kriss Portillo November 14, 2014

The Just Like EP by The M Machine is now out on iTunes, and you can stream it for free on their Soundcloud account before buying. What better way to get geared up for the weekend? Their new EP includes five tracks…



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